Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Close a Door

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Don’t have a doggy door? Learn how to train your dog to close the door in this free pet obedience video about training your dog to close the door. Expert: Ryan Gwilliam Bio: Ryan Gwilliam has trained over 10 dogs. He specializes in obedience training. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Sweetlolly11
    | Reply

    i didnt get a thing.
    send me a private message, plz

  2. miamisflyboy
    | Reply

    its cool but it doesnt help how to teach it

  3. hotaggie25
    | Reply

    luv it!!

  4. Vi3tmofo9
    | Reply

    will try it tonight!

  5. kyveliwow
    | Reply

    nice video, but the actual “positive training sequence” is missing. You don’t show how to really train it, but only the result after having achieved it.

  6. al7omed134
    | Reply

    took me 10 minutes to train the dog thnx dude for the trick

  7. iluvlifehouse94
    | Reply

    did the dog just break the blinds?

  8. ppimpin007
    | Reply

    yes, it should be done with more training. like how to get him to not eat it when comeing in, and how to show him to close door, like do i get his head and make it close it?

  9. Asia21Baby
    | Reply

    That dog is soo pretty.

    what kind of dog is that??

  10. damnualll
    | Reply

    that’s a pitbull

  11. BRNarmy
    | Reply

    nice trick…..lets see ya get him to close a sliding door!

  12. daffodill7
    | Reply

    my dog opens the door just to try and get on the bed and we never trained her to 😀

  13. IloveDogTraining
    | Reply

    great vid

  14. ozturbo
    | Reply

    but he didnt lock the door…strangers can sneak in

  15. MoneyBaeaking
    | Reply

    sooo coooll….!!

  16. lforsdyke
    | Reply

    fine if your door opens inwards but my back doors open outwards so the dogs can open them but they cant close them

  17. Moh1Z
    | Reply

    put a piece of rope hanging from the door handle on the inside. then teach the dog to pull on the piece of rope to close the door. worked for my dog 🙂

  18. sherrilo
    | Reply

    how’d you train him how to close the door???… i would like to teach my pit like yours.please?

  19. lilsi93
    | Reply

    this guy knows every trick in the book

  20. chancergordy
    | Reply

    you stick a chocolate button or similar onto the door at a height the dog can reach when standing up on back legs, the dog is told to ‘close the door’ as he/she reaches up for the button, the door is pushed shut by dogs front legs till door is shut. the dog then can get the button.
    guaranteed to work as the dog doesn’t get treat till door stops moving, ie, shut.
    I know coz both my dogs, tanya and molly can do this!
    will maybe do a demonstration someday.

  21. randomizednamme
    | Reply

    @lforsdyke me 2 but try putting a rope on the handle

  22. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    Once again Expert Village does not actually show you how it’s done. Besides, the dog broke the blind, which is not what you want at all.
    You’re better off watching the video by Youtuber tab289 in which he will show you step by step how to teach your dog how to close doors.

  23. yakky44
    | Reply

    aww man to bad i have a sliding door

  24. mSteram1
    | Reply


  25. Brando216
    | Reply

    my dog can open doors but not close them

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