Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog Not to Bite

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Train a dog not to bite by giving it a tug on the leash and immediately redirecting the dog’s attention towards something more productive. Find out more about teaching a dog not to bite with tips from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on dog obedience. Expert: Ty Brown Contact: Bio: Ty Brown has been a dog trainer for over 10 years. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. christophersonawane
    | Reply

    Hey I have a 8 month old dog who bites a lot and is always eating or chewing wires and plugs plz I need help ASAP

  2. SVTSWeb
    | Reply

    he can be electrocuted man, watch out

  3. flick07051986
    | Reply

    You never have a leash on a young puppy so how can you give it a little tug? lol

  4. TheDeafTV
    | Reply

    dont thumbs down it worked with my dog.

  5. stevenbjnr
    | Reply

    my staffy was attacked yesterday while i was walking by another dog has never bitten another dog or person in the 15months ive had him but he attacked back and was able to pull his own muzzle off! the other dog was not a lead and got hurt when my dog locked was hard to stop them and i just want to know what is the best way to stop a dog when it is in a situation like that?

  6. irishkiley
    | Reply

    i don’t have money for more training don’t you realize we are in a recession people can afford only to pay their bills if that dude let me know of a free dog trainer out there that likes to help people man is it all training being a solution what are the things to do and i will do it !

  7. holtie43
    | Reply

    what a useless video.
    it told me nothing about how to train my dog, all it told me was to spend money at his site.

  8. Tmoua
    | Reply

    water nothing but water… once they bite they have the smell of the other dogs blood in there scent so water would stop them because dogs usually dont like to get wet in fights so have a bottle of water with you when you are walking at all times. i had my pitbull defend me when a rot was unleashed. The rot’s owner ran out and try to stop them but when pits lock its not going to stop a girl from a house ran out with her hose and hosed are dogs and they stopped fighting.

  9. krios1
    | Reply

    How can you name your video ” How to train a dog not to bite” when there was no information coming from you? Apparently you are no “Expert” and they should ban you from putting useless videos. Total waste of time–thanks for nothing.

  10. marioman102
    | Reply

    I NEED HELP please my dog bites anyone that he hasnt seen before or doesnt recognise. I will pay for help, message me back if you can help…. btw he is a chow….. i dont know if that has anything to do with it.

  11. tavismoses
    | Reply

    On chewing, I know this is obvious but you need to remove anything you do not want them to chew on. Vicks Vapor rub works well if you put it on furniture and the smell will go away quickly. Always make sure you have chew toys and good bones available.

    Best way to stop dogs from fighting, do not try to get between them you could get injured. But grab their rear legs and pull them apart. Their rear legs give them strength, take away the strength. I just did this with two dogs on the beach.

  12. Pupieluvr411
    | Reply

    well chow chows are number 2 on the dog biting list so i cant help u

  13. darthrhom
    | Reply

    Another way to stop a fight when a pitbull or staffy lock on is to choke the dog and when he gasps for a breath to pull them apart. I know it seems extreme but sometimes necessary when nothing else will work.

  14. jigglypuff2cute
    | Reply

    all i can say is to first get your dog to relax in a place where theres people ex. park
    just make him sit and stuff. and if someone walks by and he starts to stiffen immediatly take his attention away from the human to you. thats all i can say from watchin its me or the dog. ive got a Border collie Queensland mix that still has a problem with strangers….but it might be a step up for ur chow chow

  15. jigglypuff2cute
    | Reply

    ok but how do u teach a dog to not bark at neihbors? they like to play sports and r usually making the ball hit the fence. but the way she goes at the fence and barks it looks dangerouse, is there a way to tell my dog that its not ok to bark at the fence? btw shes a Border Collie Queensland mix

  16. BryanHawn
    | Reply

    just so you know, you have the worlds smartest dog…so he should learn extremely quickly if you teach him right

  17. jigglypuff2cute
    | Reply

    @BryanHawn thanx, she already knows to stop barking at the neighbors when we say stop and i havent been teaching her too much. maby since i have spring break i can spend more time teaching her. but how do you know when your dog is ready to be petted by strangers?

  18. AspellProductions
    | Reply

    We just got a new puppy 4 days ago and she is such a lil rascal x3 But she bites alot and attacka all my family’s shoes. Thanks for the advice ^^

  19. JiveDadson
    | Reply

    Tugging on the leash is never a good idea, but doing it in response to biting is particularly bad. At best it will teach the dog not to bite this particular human when the dog is on leash. Leashes are for safety. Using a leash for training is like deploying the air bags in your car to learn how to drive. Except the car will not learn to distrust you and hate the air bag. (Metaphors are hard.)

  20. poodlelover81
    | Reply

    my puppy bites and when i ignore and turn around he bites me super hard

  21. cyasares
    | Reply

    What do you think about letting out a loud YELP when your “Puppy” bites? It is similar to what you see when puppies wrestle and one gets out of line, “YELP’ and they start over.

    As a human, I tend to YELP when they touch their teeth to my skin?

    Thanks again for your excellent advice.

  22. xLoveMakin0
    | Reply

    Lol at dog @ 0:34

  23. kokoabolo
    | Reply

    Omg..these stupid videos need to disappear. That was a waste of my 1 minute.

  24. TheSofres
    | Reply

    @poodlelover81 mine usually nips me in the ass! How can you not give a scream to that? haha

  25. supersliceNdice
    | Reply

    Never push your dog, ONLY ignore him/her, or yell no or ow.

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