Dog Training Tips : How to Settle an Excited Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Learn how to properly settle down an excited dog by ignoring their excited behavior and rewarding their calm behavior; learn more tips on controlling an excited dog in this free pet obedience video. Expert: Ryan Gwilliam Bio: Ryan Gwilliam has trained over 10 dogs. He specializes in obedience training. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. FlowerWhiskers23
    | Reply

    I have a problem and I hope someone will help me;; When I ignore my dog he starts biting me very hard.. He is just a puppy but what can I do? it really hurts but when I don’t ignore him he jumps on me, makes me dirty and scratches me somewhere… Please reply! Thanks!

  2. LycaWatyre
    | Reply

    Yelp in a high pitched voice if he mouths you. Don’t let him get to the point where he’s biting. Leash him, make him sit, and if you have to, make a claw shape with your hand and “bite” him on the back of his neck until he lays down. Not hurtful, just firm. This tells him that you are the boss. Take him on long walks to tire him out so he doesn’t have the energy to go nuts.

  3. FlowerWhiskers23
    | Reply


  4. gcpetsitter
    | Reply

    What he fails to say + a lot of comments have not said (or the ones I’ve read) is that exercise (mental and physical) also contributes to this anxiousness. If the dog has been properly exercised (mentally not just physically) it will not be anxious.

    Not to mention some working dog + similar breeds need your leadership. They want you to tell them to do something not ignore them. ie tell the dog to get the ball (give it a task).

  5. loveall70
    | Reply

    @FlowerWhiskers23 hi now wat u r facing is very common wid d puppies as this is d stage of teething so they have this habit of biting things as well as u so wat u can do is ,pinch him near his ear and at the same time in a stern voice say “NO” when ever he tries to bite u or any other thing ,very soon ur puppy will obey to ur command .secondly u can buy him some calcium bones which he can chew to get rid of his teething irritation . hope it’ll help u

  6. dehbee
    | Reply

    our 9 month old gsd has leash aggression. he will lunge, growl, & bark at dogs on walks. but he actually loves playing with dogs. we train him to ignore the other dog on walks using treats. we tell him to “leave it”. as soon as he looks at us, we treat/praise him like he just saved a child. we do this walking away from the other dog. every time he acts out we say “no” or “leave it”. the point is: its better to ignore the dog and look at my owner cause i will get treats!

    hope that helps.

  7. FlowerWhiskers23
    | Reply

    @loveall70 thanks! It’s helping me! x]]

  8. JessicaMaree1987
    | Reply

    we tried distractions. treats that any other dog would go nuts for, he ignored.
    every time he started going nuts over a passing dog we would stop & try to get his attention. but he would not look at us or even move his ears to listen to us. ears, eyes & nose are always pointed directly at the other dog. we even tried to physically open his mouth to put the treat in it, but he didnt flinch or even acknowledge our existence.
    now we just keep walking. ignore him & the other dog. leading by example

  9. Roswitha1231
    | Reply

    one thought: if your dog is not allowed to look at the other dog – you break the conversation. The other dog will most likely come too close if not on leash, therefore making your dog react sooner or later. Better to click your dog for looking at the oncoming dog and giving him the treat is breaking the eye contact. This gives your dog the reprieve it needs not to get over excited.

  10. Roswitha1231
    | Reply

    2nd part
    The yanking and yelling of most owners cements the problem and ends in full blown aggression.
    Tell your dog in a firm friendly voice that he’s doing great. Accept the acting out as a stress reaction and keep on walking, NO hesitation. Dogs do not realize that your “no” is directed at their behaviour. To them, it’s directed at the other dog. Therefore it becomes the enemy, because it makes you angry!!

  11. tydtm
    | Reply

    STOP HUMANIZING YOUR PETS PEOPLE!! Read Cesar Milan’s books. Follow his principles so you AND your dog can be stable, healthy, and coexist as human and ANIMAL.

  12. briglife559
    | Reply

    This guy is a dumbass. his animals must me miserable. Fuck you asshole

  13. brynpuff
    | Reply

    Okay wroung sorry but true!

  14. lightenlynx
    | Reply


  15. Cheapooo
    | Reply

    what breed is that?

  16. TheFuturemillionare
    | Reply

    All of your videos have helped me with my pitbull’s training. She’s now 3 monts old and she’s calm and obedient already. These are great tips and they work!!!! (BTW she looks like the dog in this video, aaww) THANK YOU!

  17. TheFuturemillionare
    | Reply

    @dailymuffin I’ve done almost all tips from Ryan and they’ve worked perfectly with my pitbull puppy, she’s now 3 1/2 months old. She’s already a calm and obedient dog (still in training though). THANK YOU!!!

  18. proskillz89
    | Reply

    If my dog is really exited and spinning in circles i just smile and look at my dog and dont say anything to her

  19. mylulac
    | Reply

    Are you kidding? There is nothing like coming home to a HAPPY dog! I should ignor him when he greets me in an excited way? NO WAY!

  20. Hunterr2d1
    | Reply

    0:01 – 00:30 the dogs looks sad… probably becuz expert village doesnt care about dogs they only care about the green stuff

  21. shakeylegg
    | Reply

    This advice works. Nothing is more annoying than constantly excited dog or human.

  22. OgawaBurukku
    | Reply

    It seems weird that when he rewarded the good dog with petting and stuff, the dog just ignored him and went about licking his nuts. What I normally do when I come home and the dog greets me, he of course wants to jump up, but I basically ignore him or say “Hang on, Buster” until I get my purse put away and jacket hung up. Then I go sit down on my couch, where he’ll hop up to lick my face with his tail wagging. I like a little of that anxious behavior, though. Just when I come home 😀

  23. afitdog1
    | Reply

    @dailymuffin Found a fun exercising product called the Bike-a-Buddy. This bicycle attachment exercises one to two dogs. Check it out at

  24. VladParazitu
    | Reply

    fuck you you stubit mother fucker

  25. naleeescamilla
    | Reply

    thanks, pretty helpful! my dog is suuuper annoyingly excited and he gets crazy to the piont where he is jumping up and knocking things over.

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