Dog Training Tips : How to Read a Dog’s Tail Wag

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Just because your dog’s tail is wagging, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s excited; learn more about how to read your dog’s tail wagging in this free pet obedience video. Expert: Ryan Gwilliam Bio: Ryan Gwilliam has trained over 10 dogs. He specializes in obedience training. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

What do you think?

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  1. mxfrench12 says:

    They dont look scared of him

  2. InvisaLeash says:

    “Hey guys ! how are you Guys doing!!

    Check out my videos! and subscribe me! thanks!

    Worlds first designer retractable leash designed to stay on your dog all day everyday!!

  3. vetzaaak says:


    Get him a prostetictail dude, it’s the only sensible solution.

  4. zampakto93 says:

    isnt tail up excitement? never seen a agrassive dog wit tails up

  5. pieguy121 says:

    you are a fucking moron when they have there tails tucked you need to pet them to make them feel better your dogs dipshit

  6. pieguy121 says:

    oh and let your dog out when its near the door!

  7. savecharles says:

    @PainlessGossip well you should have thought about that before you cut it off…

  8. PainlessGossip says:

    @savecharles are you under the impression I cut my dogs tail off?? I got him that way obviously. Just like boxers and rotties alot of bulldogs tails are cropped at birth. I live in Alberta Canada and they just passed a law stating you cant crop tails or ears here anymore. So maybe i will have better luck with the next one, huh?

  9. ij921234 says:

    what does it mean when its inbetween there legs

  10. TheMightyBastard says:

    Those dogs are so poor.. the US army has less commands.. you are suppose to give them a good home.. they are so poor with you.. they are never happy near you.. its like the Nazi teaching..

  11. @zampakto93 no actually my dogs tail goes straight up when he gets aggresive and it even wiggles a little in a weird way and he like freezes and stares..

  12. TheTexanAtheist says:

    Those dogs look sad and like zombies! The guy in the video seems like an asshole!

  13. zampakto93 says:

    @gir4evr when a dog is aggressive and ready to attack it shows no sign but u cant feel the silence and see the aggresion in the eyes tailes up means excitement and i dont know if ur experience but a dog who “Wiggles” its tail and bark usually is from frustration, like dogs in cages barking i have never seen or experienced dogs that shows aggression by “wiggles a little in a weird way and he like freezes and stares”

  14. but i have a lil chihuahua and his tail is all ways up so i cant tell if hes always mad,happy er normal but he can tug his tail in if hes sad

  15. you’re mean

  16. jasondevalle says:

    This man knows what he’s talking about. I cant wait until i get my dog to behave and be good like that. I just got her and she is an over excited maniac. But very very loving. 2 year old pit. Thank you for the tips.

  17. tavonevox16 says:

    …I think your might treat your dogs badly….they don’t seem to like you too much bro.

  18. phsycotikcookie says:

    @id0069 I agree. These dogs seem to be doing what they can to avoid interacting with him. He’s obviously doing something wrong, I mean look at Cesar Milan, he can manage to control a whole pack of dogs yet have everyone of them happy and exited to be near him.

  19. What about docked tail?

  20. k there’s no point in making this video if you’re gonna the words all over the screen. I can’t see what you’re doing. Maybe you should put the words in the description or only at the bottom/top of the screen

  21. bathrobeconservative says:

    Just click on “CC” in the toolbar. For some reason the closed captioning automatically came on for me, too.

  22. video examples would be nice (of dogs actively engaged), as well as tail wagging style.

  23. Another useless expert village video ….These people are fucking morons !

  24. lisareidmitchell says:

    again,can’t see video..thumbs up if same problem

  25. if only the subtitles didnt TOTALLY BLOCK the video

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