Dog Training Tips : How to Potty-Train Your Dog

Potty-train a dog by keeping it on a leash and supervising the dog in order to act quickly when the time arises. Learn more about potty-training a dog with t…

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48 Responses

  1. Rick R. Todd
    | Reply

    I like your tip number 4 “getting your dog on a food and bathroom schedule”
    We just moved from a puppy to a young adult male dog and it has went well
    with this training tip. Thanks for a great informational video.

    | Reply

    I have an 11 month old German Shepherd that is becoming problematic. I
    predict his behavior is only going to worsen. He doesnt come when called,
    he doesnt sit (after I spent months training him to come and to sit). His
    hearing is selective. Hes becoming aggressive. He is constantly play
    biting. He still will not potty train, which is my biggest issue with him.
    He just had diarrhea all over my Karastan rug in the dining room. I know
    youre not supposed to do it because its going to make them “fear” you and
    all that, but I went ahead and rubbed his nose in it. It was just a minute
    after he had eliminated in the dining room. I have crate trained him from
    day 1. That doesnt work. He pisses and shits in his crate. He cant hold
    himself. He is irregular with when he goes. It has nothing to do with when
    he eats or drinks. He eats and drinks on a consistent basis. First thing in
    the morning, and no later than 4pm. He just goes to the bathroom at
    irregular times, and he WILL piss and shit where he sleeps. He just does it
    then barks for me to come and clean it up. Im thinking of sending him to
    the pound because im really disappointing with him and dont know what to do

  3. pratima pratima
    | Reply

    Try to make a set schedule of the dog going outside, or take them outside
    more often.

  4. salim reza
    | Reply

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    at “Brendt Mastery Dog Training Guru” (google it)? Hurry before the FREE
    ebook is taken down! 

  5. shenu perera
    | Reply

    interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out what is best way to
    house train a puppy try Alkarno Puppy Alchemist (do a search on google ) ?
    Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got amazing success
    with it.

  6. Alan Diaz
    | Reply

    Congrats on 100,000 videos.

  7. Thushar m.v
    | Reply

    I own a year and a half old lab…I have seen many vids on youtube…n
    trained her to do alot of things…but I recently moved to an
    apartment…she is used to goin potty in the rest room of my old
    house…here she potties right in front if the main door…I have tried to
    do everything every vid says.i take her out n stay at a place for
    hours…but she only does her thing as soon we reach our apartment
    door…if I don do something soon…I migbt have to give her up ad the
    neighbours have seen this a couple of times n are askin me to give her
    away….plz help

  8. Kayla S. Harry
    | Reply

    My pals has written down the step by step tutorials to guide your dog grew
    to become alpha dog. It took him 7 years to find out, I think every puppy
    owners will wish to learn.

  9. leanna ratliff
    | Reply

    ok iv been doing that and i got her to not pee every where but she still
    whats to poop on every thing even in her cage

  10. Chris Matar
    | Reply

    How long does it take for my dog to stop peeing in the house? (Hes 3
    months old)

  11. My Lovely Pups
    | Reply

    *Dog Training Tips: How to Potty-Train Your Dog*

    Dog Training Tips : How to Potty-Train Your Dog

    #DogTraining #Potty

  12. Natelie Richardson
    | Reply

    I got my husky wolf hybrid from the shelter. I can tell he was harshly
    punished from his previous home. He is six months old roughly. But the
    sweetest thing ever. I have read that wolf hybrids try to mark their “den”
    home by peeing and pooping on the floor. And I have firmly told him no and
    put his paw on the door and told him outside. But the problem is I will
    take him outside to go to use the bathroom, but he will not do it. I will
    stay outside for an hour and nothing. five minutes of being in the house he
    any suggestions ? 

  13. Trey Da Trainer
    | Reply

    What about dogs that hate potty pads? What’s your answer?

  14. ralph p
    | Reply

    I think I have a very complicated situation and I don’t know where to start
    explaining. I am based in Saudi Arabia and dogs here aren’t really pets or
    even animals for most people (No offense to Arabs).

    I found my dog, a German Shepherd, walking aimlessly in the highway. I took
    him in before something bad happens. He’s been with me for over two months
    now and my only problem with him is that he almost always steps on his poop.

    Now, I can’t take him for a walk outside because I’m afraid people might do
    something to him. I’ve never heard of friends of mine who have dogs or have
    seen people walking their dogs so basically my dog stays in my room and I
    have built for him an enclosed space near the bathroom. I made it because
    he bites things even if I had already bought him stuff for his teeth. Also,
    I work from 2-10 PM. When I get home his space is just a mess with his
    poop all over and on his paws so most days he gets a shower. Though, I’ve
    made a routine with him that I feed him on a particular time and I pick up
    his poop which I kinda figured out when he does it but its just the time
    when I’m sleeping or when I’m away that he steps on his poop.

    Please help.

  15. Yogesh Ghatage
    | Reply

    do potty training – always peed in crate as a puppy, no matter what and one
    night I decided to led her roam freely in the room and guess what? She
    didn’t pee or poo anywhere. Every since, we RARELY put her in her crate.

  16. Yogesh Ghatage
    | Reply

    Hi lests find the video-“Do potty training”

  17. Bern Bel
    | Reply
  18. Yogesh Ghatage
    | Reply

    I have a problem i take dog to go out side and she tells him different
    words to go and we took hin to the beach one day and he didn’t go wen we
    got home he pee and poop why he does this is it healthy for him to hold it
    like dat help

  19. Bethany Camario
    | Reply

    yay im a good master to my doggy ! shes on a feeding schedule and potty
    schedule too !! 🙂 

  20. Alexfaith Larios
    | Reply

    im sooo gana try this for my doberman and rottweiler 🙂

  21. EndermanTalks
    | Reply

    thanks man

  22. gtw3ut
    | Reply

    i have cat,dog,two guinea pigs

  23. Yorkielover07
    | Reply

    My yorkie knows how to potty inside with the traing pads .how can I teach
    her to potty outside ?

  24. dejay willy
    | Reply

    Giampiero Nencini that first comment made me shit my pants looooool I have
    the same problem with my 2 months husky puppy loooool

  25. Naomi Martinez
    | Reply

    I have a problem i take my sister dog to go out side and she tells him
    different words to go and we took hin to the beach one day and he didn’t go
    wen we got home he pee and poop why he does this is it healthy for him to
    hold it like dat help

  26. mikewashere01
    | Reply

    Smacking them with a newspaper works well too does not hurt them they just
    hate the sound of it.

  27. chay100372
    | Reply


  28. Babylon Gate
    | Reply


  29. tionino3070
    | Reply

    @Gingerloves89 my dog 2 so cute but she pees and poooops everywere :'(

  30. IHeArTrOcK20
    | Reply

    hahahaha how smart

  31. Amy Chan
    | Reply

    Thanks for posting this!

  32. Sarah Jane
    | Reply

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    stop barking the whole time people were in my house!! Reaching the end of
    my teather i looked online and found – their online
    traning program really helped my situation, and now i can have a drink with
    my friends in peace!!. This site is now my first port of call !

  33. Ali Abdulla
    | Reply

    Please Help !

  34. DawgieStyleTraining
    | Reply

    This is a very common thing….often dogs will look to eat grass if they
    have digestion issues, or if their stomach is upset. Not the ONLY reason,
    but that’s very often the case. So when you see him going after grass like
    it’s the yummiest thing in the world, maybe you can correlate that with a
    change in food, or feeding amounts or times, or too many snacks, etc….
    Hope this helps!

  35. Chad Wellington
    | Reply

    If you didn’t approve of that then I imagine you will be appalled to know
    that I used the same technique on my youngest son, with the same result. I
    know it sounds gross and maybe a little cruel, but it works like nothing
    else. Please in the future try to refrain from the name calling, it is

  36. AddctFrk14
    | Reply

    Can someone help me I take my husky outside and he keeps eating grass I
    tell him no but he still does this and when have have him on a leash he
    doesn’t like it and doesnt follow me can someone help me on that thank you

  37. WhenMountainsMove
    | Reply

    Where do you live? It looks beautiful.

  38. HdElite Clan
    | Reply

    i was told to shove his face in it i never done it but i wonder does it

  39. ryan maldonado
    | Reply

    Hey, I Live in a city and i did the exact same thing.

  40. Asif Ahmed
    | Reply

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    dog and you want to help save its life and ensure it lives for longer then
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  41. Shade Oshalusi
    | Reply

    My pup is so cute but annoying because she uses the Barroom everywhere!.
    But a iStarted to potty train and she used it twice outside with only one

  42. Ad1gaJudy7797
    | Reply

    Ugh! i have a 1 month old puppy, So i have to take him to the bathroom lets the morning, after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner, before
    he’s asleep. and every other time i *feel* he needs to go? how do i know?

  43. HighDefinitionDBZ
    | Reply

    So He needs to go to the bathroom or outside? And how many bathrooms do I
    need to have? :/ It sounds.. EXPENSIVE! xD I aaaam just kidding, great
    video 😀

  44. zorakbane
    | Reply

    I’m lazy, my dog barks at the door when she needs to go out and she eats
    when she wants.

  45. Dustin Trombly
    | Reply

    This is probably the first excellent expertvillage video I’ve seen. Thank

  46. Isabella Bella
    | Reply

    @jonaslove951 Same problem with me but i got mine to use it outside
    finally…. i hope she keeps doing it tho

  47. Money Maker
    | Reply

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    know when he/she needs to go outside to use the bathroom? Do you want to be
    able to leave your dog home alone for hours without worrying about him/her
    going to the bathroom inside your home? Do you want your dog protect you at
    night, instead of being locked in a room? Train your dog the right! I will
    teach you how, visit the link below! Visit >> DOG.FIREPA.COM << ( Copy & Paste ) DOG.FIREPA.COM

  48. Rumpelstiltskin-Wait
    | Reply

    @Ladycatstrut i’m adopting a 5 month old lab puppy.. i plan on keeping her
    in the kitchen on the days i’m gone (i’m home most of the time) will this
    maybe make it easier to train her??

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