Dog Training Tips : How to Help Your Dog Overcome Fears

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Help your dog overcome his fears by facing them, take your dog to parties and allow him to interact with people; get more dog tips in this free pet obedience video. Expert: Ryan Gwilliam Bio: Ryan Gwilliam has trained over 10 dogs. He specializes in obedience training. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

What do you think?

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24 Responses

  1. bostonterrier333
    | Reply

    My puppy is afraid of water

  2. Ilovedogzalot
    | Reply

    mine too

  3. wandkbuchanan
    | Reply

    my dog is a staffy and he pulls the clothes of the line please help he isnt bored we have kids that play with him daily he also goes to work with my husband please help hes a great dog just a pain when does this help anyone

  4. WorvzBox
    | Reply

    I have a dog which is afraid of a large football poster I have what should i do

  5. DogLoverGSC
    | Reply

    maybe he plays too much? he might feel like he can do whatever he can and will still get played with. my moms ways are cruel but affective if a dog does something wrong she would, tell them “no” in a firm voice and tie them up and leave them alone for a long time, or when theyd poop in bad places, my dad would grab them and put their faces close to the poop so they can see it and say “no” firmly, it works. but its so mean! Dx i always just say “no” and shake my finger at them and hit them once

  6. DogLoverGSC
    | Reply

    my dogs afraid of fireworks.

  7. Bejamz
    | Reply

    Maybe he is just a very mentally active dog and is trying to find things to do. But you said he is played with and walked so this seems unlikely. i think he just likes it so i think you need to make him not like it. I tend to scare them but it is not obvious to the dog that i am scaring him as he could fear me after. trying something like throwing a very noisy object next to him. This should make him associate pulling the washing off with bad experiences. Hope this helps

  8. Bejamz
    | Reply

    And i have just realisedthis is four months after………..sorry. lol. 🙂 Is he any better ???

  9. id0069
    | Reply

    Your dogs show no interest in you at all. They act like they are afraid of you!

  10. timissocool27
    | Reply

    my dog is afraid of vacuums.

  11. dogwhisperer2
    | Reply



  12. turbodogvonder
    | Reply

    How could they be normal after being in a home with no fun and being put into a submissive hold. You just admitted that the spotted dog would pee on himself, DUH, you are a total nut.

  13. faithhopelove4
    | Reply

    My dog is hagging to my mom not walking. help ME!

  14. syrosis18
    | Reply

    i think one of my dogs had a trauma after being bumped on a speeding car… we took him to the vet and became very afraid (as in he is trembling) after that incident he became very afraid of huge loud cars and people… he wont let them touch him and barks at them… i dont know what to do… help pls

  15. vgb
    | Reply

    my dog are scare of nothing but newpapers that are roll up in my hand when his over board nughty. he hardly remember things that is asked to do. even now i ask not to leave the room still it does even after 4 times of scolding. it like if it dont see the newpaper roll up he’ll never learn.

  16. FoxDiaz22
    | Reply

    my dog gets afraid/angry when there’s no more weed…also she pulls a lot on the leash, how can i correct this? and she seems to piss herself whenever too happy or too scared, hence the weed…i don’t want to give her away but she’s just not listening at all, even for a dog, what should i try/give her? i am saving hardcore violence as a last resort but sometimes i just want to split her in half like a slim jim….HEEALP!!

  17. rapfan123456
    | Reply

    weneva my doggets scared she pees,so dis vidoe helped me

  18. agent891
    | Reply

    I don’t think my dog is a dog. He’s afraid of frisbees!

  19. blackberry289
    | Reply

    my dogs scared of water
    but he was bread to be a water dog

  20. NeonboiiZ
    | Reply

    my dog acts tough infronts of other dogs. when another dog approaches him he gets scared.

  21. boxofsarpobjects1
    | Reply

    haha that doesn’t make any sense. the only reason he responds to a rolled up newspaper is because he knows when you have it you are unstable. that doesn’t teach him anything

  22. jennyaltamirano
    | Reply

    so how do you make
    your dog not scared?
    i missed that part

  23. therealmrsandman
    | Reply

    Repeated exposure. Build confidence.

  24. luisa2410466
    | Reply

    some of u plp r just so negative.

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