Dog Training Tips : How to Answer a Door with Dogs

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Learn how to properly train your dog when you answer the door; learn more tips on dog training in this free pet obedience video taught by an experience dog trainer. Expert: Ryan Gwilliam Bio: Ryan Gwilliam has trained over 10 dogs. He specializes in obedience training. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. BeeGeesLover84
    | Reply

    what do you mean?

  2. ambidextrality
    | Reply

    What is with the constant ruffling noise from your camera man.

  3. BabyGirlAlisha
    | Reply


  4. philandstace
    | Reply

    Haha the brown dog was like… Where are they…?

  5. lapointeric
    | Reply

    pretty windy in there……

    | Reply

    i the dogs look bored

  7. black1atrax
    | Reply

    joseph wilkins sucks!!! it’s like you re filming outside on a windy weather

  8. shivercanada
    | Reply

    Good advice thanks! But you need a new video to train your camera man to stop rustling the camera mic while you’re talking. 😛

  9. yungpuppz
    | Reply

    lol yeah

  10. 1986diane
    | Reply

    pff there is no one at the door… so duh they listen now.. try that witch my dog!!

  11. smoon3
    | Reply

    good advice

    try telling the ups guy to wait for 20 min while you calm the dogs down

  12. MuttVids
    | Reply

    Lol good point. This method does work though, lots of trainers use this method. The best thing to do is set up the situation (have a patient friend come over lol) where someone at the door knocks (so you have ample time). Obviously if the UPS guy knocks on the door you should answer it right away, so put the dogs in another room during training when you need to answer right away. You just don’t ever want to reward the dogs by answering the door in front of them.

  13. MuttVids
    | Reply

    Looks like the dogs don’t have very solid obedience training if they won’t sit simply by command. A trained dog should sit when told sit.

  14. TheMimi809
    | Reply

    how much does a dog cost

  15. ezniehe
    | Reply

    that great glad we all have perfect dogs that do what we tell em may take 20 min to twenty years but “thats what it takes… notice there was noone at the door… expert village is a crock of shit

  16. KennyJoe01
    | Reply

    It sounds like you need a little WD-40 sprayed on your squeaky door.

  17. ArabianGoggles69
    | Reply

    so pretty much you dogs you bitch?

  18. xXRikkouXx
    | Reply

    Dogs aren’t humans. Dogs are dogs, so I say you let them do whatever the fuck they want.

  19. aragamii
    | Reply

    I think another dog is filming him 😉

  20. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    Why did you not video tape it when your one dog used to go nuts whenever there was a knock on the door, show your training and the progress made by your dog? Show all the little steps rather than talk about it with your dogs not being interested at all. This taught me nothing.

  21. Canhardly
    | Reply

    @EvelineUK If he showed you what he did you might not like it!

  22. Canhardly
    | Reply

    @MuttVids Check this out, My UPS guy trained all the dogs on his route, he wouldn’t deliver the cookie till the dogs were quiet. I LOVED HIM! My dogs have been trained to keep quiet when people/dogs come they don’t know. (it’s ok to chase stray cats out of OUR Yard or wild life) I never touch my dogs except with affection, no collars or spray bottles. Just educated Clicker Training. (Trainer since 1969)

  23. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    Must’ve been a lot of pushing bums to the floor to get them to sit….

  24. Canhardly
    | Reply

    @EvelineUK Or Turning them over on their backs to make them “submit” to the big bad man!…………..

  25. anonymous1336
    | Reply


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