Dog Training Tip: Puppies Learn “mark” retrieve

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Black lab puppies learning is improved on an isolated bridge. for more dog tips.

What do you think?

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16 Responses

  1. Italianmamii0814
    | Reply

    I just bought a black lab puppy, and I would love to learn how to train him. Your dog is beautiful and smart.

  2. Italianmamii0814
    | Reply

    Nice dog, I just bought a puppy yesterday and I’m trying to train him but he is not paying mind to his treats as a reward. If you have a tip I would apreciate it. 🙂

  3. rupertseale
    | Reply

    wouldnt wat ur doing teach him to run in after birds instead of waiting???

  4. carlgundog
    | Reply

    Check out Game Dog by Richard Wolters to get your new puppy started.

  5. carlgundog
    | Reply

    Do not use treats as a training tool. Have a training objective and repeat/repeat the lesson until you get the desired results. Some dogs can get a lesson down it minutes, but most take days and even weeks. Start simple and advance at a slow pace.

  6. carlgundog
    | Reply

    You can use water as a training tool. But, you have to start on land to get the pick-up and come.

  7. bobtheblindman
    | Reply

    Sorry pal, but what your dog lacks is basic discipline. How you think you can teach it to retrieve when he hasn’t learnt the basics of sitting and waiting for a command from you is beyond me. CALM THE DOG DOWN.

  8. carlgundog
    | Reply

    This video is not about the basics of discipline. Its about learning the command Mark, getting used to the gun, not paying attention to the gunner, completing a retrieve further than you can throw it, picking up the dummy and bringing it back, etc. Letting the 16 week old pupy have fun.

  9. lindum3
    | Reply

    Hi carl, your exactly right, it isn’t an exercise in discipline (that comes later)Anyone with a spark of an idea would know that your trying to build the puppies speed, marking ability, confidence, enthusiasm and it’s natural instincts to retrieve.
    Many dogs that come to me for training have had their spirits broken and their puppy hood ruined because of owners that think and make remarks as dum as the ones that you’ve just received.
    Bill United Kingdom

  10. tearitrightup
    | Reply

    When training my puppy (not just “mark” but in general like down, sit) should I use a treat? It seems like when I use a treat, she will only do it if I have a treat.

  11. panzertoo
    | Reply

    no one teaches puppies that age to be steady? if anything you want to build them up not calm them down

  12. alion06
    | Reply

    there are many ways to train. maby he felt like teaching mark prier to other comands. dont critisise peaople without knowing them first

  13. ChillyAndClover
    | Reply

    What a way to get the puppy to not want to deliver to the hand. Nice video besides that.

  14. perrytimesthree
    | Reply

    It’s really impressive at that age that he’s picking up and coming straight back, but getting him to sit when he gets back would probably be better for him than the grabbing him (I know he’s only 16 weeks, but still…)- like the comment below says it’s hardly going to encourage him to deliver to hand…

  15. GameKepper
    | Reply

    @mayhearts23 think if it is yours?.:O:P

  16. barford111
    | Reply

    Cleaverrr !!!, I love how dogs are actully useful !!!

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