Dog Training Tip of the Day- Gotcha!

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

A lot of dogs will actually bite if their collar is grabbed when they are loose and fearful after having run away. This video was inspired by the little Shiba Inu I caught this morning at the park after it had ran away. The short exercises I will show you in this video explain how you can condition your dog to LOVE and feel relaxed and safe, when their collar is grabbed. Even if your dog would never run away from you or you have a confident dog this is a great exercise to practice, incase of emergencies like a fire or flood or when your dog is hurt and could be skittish and acting abnormally. This is actually also a great exercise to teach puppies to stop mouthing and biting when you are trying to put their leash on, or trying to handle them. There are many handling exercises to do with your dog, this is just one of them. —————– How to catch a loose dog recall grabbing a dog how to teach your dog to be safe with handling stopping mouthing and biting how to pick up a little dog how to get a little dog to come to you small breed toy dog Chihuahua yorkie toy poodle rat terrier training your dog to feel relaxed when the collar is grabbed dog training clicker training training a dog something you must know using counter conditioning to get a dog to love having their collar grabbed. Leading a dog by their collar.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. kylesproductions
    | Reply

    can you help me? my puppy is very large for 9 months. she likes to chew everything. she just chewed on of my dads police gloves for work. he said were going to have to get rid of her if she keeps doing this. help.

  2. dogmomca
    | Reply

    Very nice Emily!

  3. SplishSplashCrash
    | Reply

    Great job getting these useful training techniques out to people!

  4. Aikosmom
    | Reply

    Wonderful training. I like your style. I’m about to get a 1 year old small dog, and I’m going to train him. I’ve had dogs for years and never could catch them. I agree with haylz 5 stars *****

  5. xxMissMeiksxx
    | Reply

    What a great idea! My Papillon has a great recall, but I’ve been working on trying to put my hand over his head so I can pick him up as he will often run away when I got to grab him. Getting them to put their head in your hand, I’d never thought of that!!

  6. bluevspink
    | Reply

    great tips! especially the one where Kiko places her head in your hand!

  7. chinitzca
    | Reply

    I happen to own a shiba inu of 10 weeks, and feel this video speaks to me, hehe.

  8. waybackofbeyond
    | Reply

    This is such great training. Our doc was being rescued by neighbor rancher friend who was taking him to safe haven when we were hit by arson fire. He bit our friend as a result of having his collar grabbed (not bad, but still) You are the best! thanks as always!

  9. supernaturalbc2008
    | Reply

    This is great as I have a client with a small dog with collar /capture isues!
    I’ll be trying this next week.

  10. TheRealDJLO
    | Reply

    it totally makes sense, but you are so treat crazy! i cant argue with the results, but it seems so unorthodox.

    the hand in palm trick is so cool! perfect for checking out their head/mouth or just catching them!

  11. wmlgts
    | Reply

    I just watched this again and forgot how helpful the “chin” technique would be for my little chi and me. I’m definitely gonna try this out!

  12. wackyweed57
    | Reply

    it does seem like she is treat crazy lol but generally it’s just to start off until the dog is consistently doing what you ask then there is a fade out phase where the treats start to spread out a lot more and eventually you are only treating sometimes but still reinforcing the behaviors verbally or with petting

  13. AnimalImpactYT
    | Reply

    ha ha ha shiba inus are little rascals!! they r smart and fast. if they dont know how to come, you’ll never get them!

  14. keitelwins
    | Reply

    thank you this is very helpfull for my poodle who never comes back…

  15. dalmaranta
    | Reply

    Excellent! 5 stars!!!1

  16. bankg92
    | Reply

    very useful just today I saw a stray Siberian Husky and it got hit my a car (well i think because it was limping) ether way the dog looked lost and confused and scared I wasn’t able to approach it because I was walking my dogs and it was almost dark so tomorrow I am going to go to see if I can find it and try to catch it and bring it back home and then call the humane society.

  17. bankg92
    | Reply

    also just letting you know that clicker training has helped my dogs learn faster within a week they learned sit but I am trying it to be a sit and stay until I let you get up. (before I bought the clicker I had desperately tried to teach sit but they wouldn’t do it but now they do) I mean its sometimes an immediate sit and other times they look at me like if i was joking. but its helped. thanks for the videos I lobe them.

  18. dhandle
    | Reply

    Great video, I have two small dogs, a sheltie and a pug mix, so these are awesome tips for training. Glad I found your channel…

  19. Lvduggo69
    | Reply

    Thanks for teaching me and my dogs !

    How much $ do I owe u ?

  20. annebryony
    | Reply

    what happens if your dog just isnt treat crazy. he is off and on with treats and they dont inspire him. My collie likes the plain old ‘good boy’

  21. checkboyinuk
    | Reply

    if the reward is “good boy” you are really lucky, if the reward is not enough to inspire him to do new or any tricks, try real meat.

  22. NormyPie
    | Reply

    Also useful for teaching your dog not to be scared when people who aren’t used to dogs need/want to handle or pet them.

  23. Draganmm
    | Reply

    can u teach 5 year old female who loves food,to leave it ?:))) its very hard,but is it possible?

  24. Civicblabla
    | Reply

    @Draganmm If you mean she cant stay out of her food bowl serve a limited meal and dont fill up untill she really should be hungrey Emily prolly got a better andswer!

  25. Draganmm
    | Reply

    oh she can,she got from it from it’s son,3 months old lab 🙂 hes so smart. he can wait for wood lying and bowl is few meters in front,maybe for a whole min,didnt test so far 🙂

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