Dog Training Tip of the Day- Excitement over food

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

This is my dog training tip of the day. How to build calmness in your dog using their meal. If you think in the terms that you are training your dog 100% of the time, every reinforcement you give your dog or the environment gives your dog, is building some behavior or emotional state….

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. silvermoonaussie
    | Reply

    Wonderful tip and explination. Your doing a wonderful job.

  2. tehrenberg
    | Reply

    excellent point Em. good good suggestion. I love Splash’s sweet face after you give her pellets under the table; like, is there more?


  3. concreteangel2012
    | Reply

    I can’t tell you how HAPPY I am to find your channel! I grew up with a dog and my parents trained her much like your experience, punishment after punishment, nose in the accident, etc. I hated that 🙁
    I am going to be getting a small dog this summer (I’ve only had big dogs) so I was feeling a bit nervous about them not being smart enough to learn to behave. You and Kiko & Splash have made me realize that ALL dogs can be wonderful dogs!
    P.S. I can’t wait for a no-barking tutorial!!

  4. bjornar83
    | Reply

    Everybody who knows dog psychology says that excitement is negative for the dog. But as you say, for us it seems like the dog is really happy when it’s jumping around like crazy.

    What is it that makes excitement negative for a dog? What if the dog is wagging it’s tail when he sees that you prepare food, or if it sits down looking really concentrated at you when you do it? Is this considered some kind of stress for the dog? Should a dog always be totally calm to be happy?

  5. Twiggs22789
    | Reply

    I really love all of your videos. Are there any tips you could give on house training? Maybe a video? Both my dog and I thank you for all your help!

  6. parker57
    | Reply

    you are amazing. could I ask what kind of treats do you use for training?

  7. dogscatskp
    | Reply

    Hi Emily
    I was actually wondering if you’ve made the episode for Dogmantics on Pit Bulls yet? Love everything you do:))

  8. liliannx3
    | Reply

    im sure any small, soft treat will work. just make sure its not full of bad ingredients.

  9. liliannx3
    | Reply

    excitement is often mistaken for happiness. its usually a dog that is stressed out. Cesar Millan does an episode on it i think. I remember watching it. He said that an overly stressed dog will look excited and ‘happy’ when the true happy state is when it is relaxed.

  10. kikopup
    | Reply

    yep. like boiled chicken etc.

  11. kikopup
    | Reply

    I took tooo much footage!!! its taking forever to edit into something small for youtube. I am going tomorrow to film a quick video on loose leash walking with a pitbull, that should be on youtube sooner than the dogmantics episode.

  12. kikopup
    | Reply

    If you think in terms of reinforcement… behaviors that are reinforced increase, so a ‘hyper active’ dog might not actually genetically be ‘hyper active’, the owner just kept reinforcing the dog and increasing the dogs likeliness to be more and more hyper, the dog is not consciously choosing to be that way, neuron connections have been formed in the dogs brain from behaviors the owner ‘chose’ to reinforce.

  13. kikopup
    | Reply

    You could build calmness to the degree that you want. I for example, have dogs that are calm enough around food, so I can work on complex tricks without them just staring at the food, or spinning and jumping. But not too calm that they are not motivated enough to do high energy tricks. I actually myself will do exercises to build arousal on food with my dogs. There are owners who will want to build calmness and others who will want to build arousal… depending on how the dog is at this point

  14. trishylala
    | Reply

    i have watched every single video you have here… all in one day!!! i love the method you use, i love the relationship you have with your beautiful pups, you are amazing!!! my 10 month old yorkie/poodle mix has been clicker training for a month, and just today rambo learned 2 new ones. crossing his paws and weaving through my legs!!! you are fantastic. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  15. lohanaddict
    | Reply

    I am going to try this, thank you so much you are the best when it comes to dog behavior and tricks 🙂

  16. dumb7890
    | Reply

    my pets dogs and cats were saised on the food bowl is never empty treats were exciting .day to day living was there with out fail .Boring but there. they never got fat

  17. ditosapinas
    | Reply

    The following are six steps for teaching your dog a new behavior:

    1. Get the behavior.
    2. Mark the behavior.
    3. Reward the behavior.
    4. Repeat the behavior until it happens easily at least 90% of the time.
    5. Add the verbal cue as your dog does the behavior to associate the word with the appropriate response.
    6. Use the verbal cue to elicit the behavior.

    source: w w w(dot)DOGSVITALSIGNS(dot)com

  18. BorderProductions92
    | Reply

    I need to work on this with my Border Collie, Buddy. He get so excited that he pees himself.

  19. horsescatsdogs
    | Reply

    So, so true that it’s not fair for them to be in that state of arousal every day for their dinner. Fantastic video. 🙂

  20. mytonprop
    | Reply

    try to prepare you food 1st and let the dog see you do this,,make sure you eat 1st then only once the dog is calm and backed away from their food you can feed them,,,border collies are generally very clever and learn quickly but can learn bad habbits as well as good habits quickly too so be consistant with them ,,and good luck

  21. koitsme
    | Reply

    Another one that I love!!

  22. guard909
    | Reply


  23. Reedynn
    | Reply

    Thanks for schooling folks who need it!! 5 Stars!!

  24. whereartthouart
    | Reply

    Great video thanks for posting

  25. gillianbyrne
    | Reply

    do you know how i could build excitement over food? my dog is a rescue and is really shy around his food and it takes forever to get him to eat. i find he eats more readily when he is a little more aroused like if a friend comes over.

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