Dog Training Tip of the Day-Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Nikko is a 10 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. Our challenge was teach Nikko the speak cue. Nikko didn’t know what the word meant in the beginning. After all, dogs do not speak English. This is not a dog training tutorial. I created this video for a friend and to illustrate that any healthy, normal older dog this is physically able, CAN learn new tricks with the use of positive reinforcement and clicker training. ***Note: I used lots of high-pitched praise because this is one of Neko’s motivators, along with cheese. However, in a normal clicker training session, it is best to avoid making too much “white noise.” Also, when teaching a dog to speak on cue, it is VERY important to capture the behavior when there is no underlying emotion present. In other words, DO NOT praise a dog or puppy for barking at other people, dogs, or animals.*** Special thanks to Josh Woodward for his song, “Omaha.”

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. ZakGeorgeCrazy3
    | Reply

    beautiful concentration on you! he has his eyes on you the whole time.

  2. hunkymonkeykaine
    | Reply

    @KingKiaJames No, the other barking belongs to two other APBT:).

  3. hunkymonkeykaine
    | Reply

    @justjesse198 Thank you:). I use Adobe Premiere 4.0

  4. hunkymonkeykaine
    | Reply

    @kikopup Thank you so much Emily:)! Nikko was so much fun to train with:).

  5. zakgeorge21
    | Reply

    Lovely job. Great dog. Great training! I’m very proud of how awesome you are!


  6. tehrenberg
    | Reply

    That was fabulous, he learns so fast! I wish I had been able to tape the process with Mi, it’s so fun to see them in the learning process. I love the way their eyes light up when they start to get it!

  7. withthewolves
    | Reply

    lovely! great work 5*

  8. dalmarie23
    | Reply

    Awesome Awesome Video “5” and fav

  9. Parenchym
    | Reply

    aaaaaaaaah I looooooooove Pit Bulls! Thank you for showing everyone, such a wonderful dog. AEh no I mean that older dogs can learn new tricks! 😉

  10. newbear95
    | Reply

    This dog is so clever! He got the idea in such a short time! You are a wonderful trainer too!

  11. donkeyhanger
    | Reply

    This is just amazing! You are so good dog trainer and now I understand very well, how to teach the command “speak” for dogs. By the way Nikko wag his little tail so quickly, it’s so cute! 🙂

  12. Horses4Ever45
    | Reply

    What a sweet dog 🙂 He was so happy the whole time and now he will know a new trick thanks to you 😛

  13. DestinyRed23
    | Reply

    pawsome video!!loved it!!!:)

  14. elisahafdis
    | Reply

    Loved it ! 🙂 5* indeed

  15. hunkymonkeykaine
    | Reply

    @zakgeorge21 Thank you so much for the nice comment:).

  16. Buchoass
    | Reply

    Great work.

  17. amberella1357
    | Reply

    You are inspirational.

  18. RioCatz
    | Reply

    Nicely demonstrated Ashley! It’s so nice to see how the behaviour was shaped incrementally.

  19. oODanielSanOo
    | Reply

    When getting them used to the clicker, any tips?

  20. hunkymonkeykaine
    | Reply

    @oODanielSanOo Yes. Never click next to the dog’s head or face. Also, move around the room and put yourself in different positions (like sit, stand, ect). Remember, one click ALWAYS equals one treat. Have fun and happy clicking!

  21. oODanielSanOo
    | Reply

    Cool, looks like my dog Skip is used to the clicker itself now. Training him to pay attention to me now when I call his name. =] Thanks for the tips!

  22. SiriusScientist
    | Reply

    I wish I had realized to vary my position sooner (though I normally move around the room)! I made the connection this weekend that Sirius only “takes a bow” if I’m sitting on the floor! Now we are working on me sitting in a chair, and standing while asking him to bow. He’s catching on but for a while was QUITE certain I should be in the floor for it to be totally affective 🙂

    Thanks for the tip and fabulous video!!

    5 stars!

  23. slcpunklvr
    | Reply

    haha that dog was havin so much fun 🙂

  24. RescueCadetsUSA
    | Reply

    I love this video for 2 reasons, it debunks 2 myths. You, most obviously, CAN teach an old dog NEW tricks. AND American Pit Bull Terriers aren’t mean, agressive, bad dogs that no one can control. Great job Ashley! Awesome!!!

  25. PurdyBear1
    | Reply

    Awesome Video! Iv trained my 4 year old Cainr X to speak, no problem. He was a rescue dog who I picked up age 3-4 years.

  26. Lincoln Kern
    | Reply

    This is great! As long as the owner is willing to keep working with a dog, the dog can learn – as long as it’s healthy, just like they emphasized at the end of the video. Clicker training makes it so much easier too.

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