Dog Training Tip of the Day- Adding a Verbal Cue

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

This is my dog training tip of the day for today. It is a continuation of the last tip. In this video you will learn how to add a verbal cue to a behavior that you taught with a hand signal. There are three easy steps to teaching a Verbal Cue: Step 1: Give the hand signal 5-10 times to help the dog predict what you will ask next. Step 2: Say the Verbal Cue BEFORE you move a muscle to do the Visual Cue Step 3: Put time between your new Verbal Cue and your Visual Cue. Wait the dog out and see if they will offer the cue without the hand signal. As you could see Kiko did not know what I wanted at one point, and offered another behavior besides the ‘Spin’. Instead of telling her she was wrong, I made a kissy noise and asked her to touch my hand to reset her. If she had continued to guess incorrectly, I would go back a step and give her the ‘Spin’ hand signal again after saying the verbal cue. The more you play this game the faster your dog will be at picking up new cues. Kiko now knows after a few minutes, that ‘Obama’ is the new word for ‘Spin’. DOGS ARE SO SMART! How to train your dog to listen to you how to train your dog to obey voice commands, how to train your dog to verbal cues how to switch from hand signals to verbal cues how to cue your dog with just your voice dog training obedience training canine freestyle clicker training puppy training what you need to know to train your dog how to teach spin and twirl with just a verbal cue How to teach your Chihuahua to spin

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. ZandersStory
    | Reply

    lol, too crummy. Great walkthrough on verbal cues, Emily! Super useful. πŸ™‚ I sometimes get so excited about teaching new tricks that I stop teaching at the hand signal and move on to the next trick, heheh. It looks wayyy cooler to do a visual cue! 5*s!

  2. lilitayaya
    | Reply

    I am not sure that Boogie is as smart as Kiko but thank you again Emily for another great tip!!! Now I know what I have been doing wrong (saying the verbal cue at the same time as giving the visual one). Going to try this! – Lili

  3. Urkasiasmu8
    | Reply

    Fantastic! 5*

  4. supernaturalbc2008
    | Reply

    Helpful tip as usual! I get lazy and usually stop at the hand/body signal.

  5. Suffix95
    | Reply

    Yet another great tip from you, Emily! This will surely be used by me in the future! Thank you! 5 stars!

  6. dalyamou123
    | Reply

    thnx for making this video! *****

  7. libbiswwety
    | Reply

    irgend jemand lust und laune af bissl cam chat mir ist so ΓΆde πŸ™

  8. mieke337
    | Reply

    I was also not sure when and how to start with the ques, so Thanxs for this vid

  9. chihuahuabulldog
    | Reply

    I really enjoy your videos.

  10. AnimalLoverLizzy
    | Reply

    Thanks for another brilliant video Emily! Once again, this helps me greatly while I’m trying to train that pup we’re looking after this month! πŸ™‚
    5 stars!
    Lizzy & Sparky

  11. supajive
    | Reply

    i thought ur boobs were sweating at first when i watched this vid. does this trick work on girlfriends?

  12. k9disc
    | Reply

    So funny!
    Nice Prompt Switch!
    I have been going to write an article on a prompt switch for a couple months now and have not gotten around to it.

    Good show!


  13. only1ization
    | Reply

    i like to molest dogs

  14. MegF142857
    | Reply

    Shouldn’t the verbal cue “Obama” be for spinning to the left? Sorry, just had to say it. LOL!

  15. waybackofbeyond
    | Reply

    You have a way of making it oh so clear! Thank you, again!

  16. natalie4cuti
    | Reply


  17. kylejackisunn
    | Reply

    to the left to the left πŸ˜€

  18. ilbrancoagilityteam
    | Reply

    Un ottimo metodo per inserire il cue. Grazie di cuore del video e della interessantissima lezione πŸ™‚

  19. 00iCrazy00
    | Reply

    @MegF142857 Left wing joke?

  20. bluepetmusiclover
    | Reply

    How do you teach Kiko to touch your hand to reset??

  21. JiveDadson
    | Reply

    “Obama” means spin to the LEFT.

  22. eiYos
    | Reply

    That’s great. I tried it and it worked perfectly. But unfortunately my dog now always wants to offer me the right spin when I try to add the verbal cue for the other direction..

  23. tuvaale
    | Reply

    Really good videos. Am going to be spending a whole lot of time in here. Thank You.

  24. Civicblabla
    | Reply

    Do i have to have a “clicker” or cant i just clap my hands or some other clicking noise?????

  25. MamereClaire
    | Reply

    Perhap you could use “Palin” for spin to the left and really have a good joke going! Thanks for the great tips. Claire

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