Dog Training Tip: Don’t say ‘Stay’

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Dog Training Tip: Don’t say ‘Stay’. Hit yellow ‘subscribe’ button on right. Fred Hassen of Sit Means Sit Dog Training Franchise Inc, explains in this video how to get your dog much better by not using the command ‘Stay’. Fred explains that ‘Sit Means Sit’ and it…

What do you think?

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14 Responses

    | Reply

    Good job Fred very good explanation!

  2. ChillyAndClover
    | Reply

    This is the first of your videos I have enjoyed and agree with!

  3. fredhassen
    | Reply

    Thanks for watching them all.

  4. mancuso68
    | Reply

    Excellent explaination!

  5. sawbuc1964
    | Reply

    This is the man! I am working with his system and it is fantastic!

  6. wellmannereddog
    | Reply

    Good video!

  7. MarvinVersteeg
    | Reply

    Great explaination… And, you crack me up!

  8. lovedbysweetie
    | Reply

    Fred , I am in the process of training a very young minded 4 year old rottie that you can see on my youtube. He is about 139 now after loosing some weight since I rescued him and he is just so very dopey and sweet. His name is Baby Bear LOL. I am so stupid , because i have him at a 25 foot sit & stay (bad me) and I so see exactly what you are saying about the sit means sit thing.

  9. lovedbysweetie
    | Reply

    PART 2

    I am now going to have to retrain myself too. being here in timbuck Maine where no one is really around to teach me I depend heavily on your videos, please make more, I adore your methods. xoxoxoxo

  10. Sabot46290
    | Reply

    More people need to understand this. Since our first dog, we’ve never trained a “stay,” while in classes I hear “Stay, stay, don’t move, stay, stay!” It’s so intuitive to not need a stay command, but the concept is so ingrained now that people just use it all the time. Great video!

  11. PalmBeachSMS
    | Reply

    Great explanation

  12. DoxieWorld04
    | Reply

    I’m in the class of Sit Means Sit and I have the sit command printed in my mind when I leave my dog I want him to stay. I have a Pit/ Shar-pei mix and he is very agressive against white fuffly dogs and in class I always say sit and stay, Darin tells me nope you tell your dog to sit it means sit not move around or lay down unless I tell him…. I am correcting myself when I say STAY.. Its a no no word in class now… Thanks for all your hard work in training me to train my dog!

  13. fredhassen
    | Reply

    Yes, Darin is very knowledgeable and has assisted me in seminars around the country. Keep up the good work!

  14. darkchilde26
    | Reply

    I have a question. How do you train a submissive dog who submissive pees if you try to get him to do something he doesnt wanna put him in a sit(ect.)If im trying to teach him and so I show him what i want , he pees.he is 6 months old.

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