Dog Training – Sit and Release

Dog Training – Sit and Release

By Samantha Abbot

Dog training begins with the basic commands. Sit and release are very important and should be taught to every dog. These basic commands will provide the foundation for your dog’s obedience training. They are essential for your dog to learn in order for him to be a good citizen.

Hold a treat or toy in front of your dog’s nose, just out of his reach. If your treat is food, make sure it is very small pea-sized pieces of food. Slowly move the treat above and behind your dog’s head, luring him into a sit position. Say your dog’s name, then give the command, “Sit.” At the exact second your dog sits, praise him by saying the word “good.”

To let your dog up from sitting, give him a release command such as “free” or “break.” Do not use the word OK as your release command as this is used too commonly during normal speech.

Your dog will most likely not sit the first try, but will make movement toward the sitting position. Praise him for any movement that gets him toward the sitting position. Be careful not to hold the treat or toy too high or your dog will lift his feet off the ground.

Repeat these steps throughout your training session, which should last between five and ten minutes. Your dog will not only begin to associate the verbal “sit” command with sitting, but will start associating your hand signal too.

As your dog learns, start giving the sit voice and hand commands before you use the treat. Once your dog begins to sit on command, stop using the treat and simply reinforce with praise when your dog sits. Gradually increase the time from initiating the sit and giving your dog the release command.

Within a week, your dog should sit when you tell him to. You and your dog will build on what you learn this week with more complex commands

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