Dog Training-Rottweiler Attacks Thugs

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

How to train a rottweiler K9-1 Dog Training Style. This Rottie is Milo. He is personal protection trained to guard his owner for defensive purposes only. Different style dog training than a police dog or K9. Watch dog training instructional videos at

What do you think?

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  1. MegaTotaldestruction says:

    lol it sounded like he didXD

  2. TeamWayfarer says:

    “BATMOBILE!’ Fuck yes! Most badass exit ever.

  3. BkueMonkey1111 says:


  4. LOL It sounded like he said “MILO!! GET IN THE BATMOBILE!!”

  5. 1:08
    Dog: Yep, Im just gonna drag oyu now

  6. sakura12186 says:

    da shit looks so fake!!!

  7. gbeckford22 says:

    great dog!!!

  8. pacmanfrog4724 says:

    @CClawsy omg it does

  9. its a scenario of course its fake

  10. hugobarbosa13 says:

    wtf??? batmobile!?

  11. blaalbblaalb111 says:

    Fuck. That. Shit.

  12. TheAri0828 says:

    oooo that gotta hurt

  13. JevaunJBrown says:

    @drob5150 How Bout Sakura12186 Put’s him/her self in the “Scenario” With out the bite jackets and see how facke it really is, they probably didnt notice how The dog didnt let go when the “Batmobile” Peeled out LMAO

  14. sorryunlucky says:

    Anyone else notice the cars drivers window is open at the start as the dog jumps out and at the end of the video it’s closed. What the hell?

  15. tot mai exploziv e un malinois , oricum superba rasa si rottie.

  16. iRaynbowe says:

    I own a rottweiler very good guard dogs if that was me and i didnt have layers on like that i certainly wouldnt hesitate to run!

  17. ryanjosephdarby says:

    @xxiiROCK yeah

  18. guys, you are awsome!!!

  19. guys, you are awsome!!!

  20. Love the command to get back in the car, lol!

  21. ArjayBlogs says:

    dogs fearless, do anything to defend you! Respect, stop condemning dogs of this kind when they protect our country just as much as the humans in the force.

  22. drive by BITING… lol

  23. ErsoyUlubey says:

    lol wonder if he still is biten by that dog xD

  24. LMAO “Batmobile”

  25. mikehatesgayassford says:

    @xxiiROCK yes moron . they need to use words different from ours so in case some far away says sit or get in the car they dont listen. but since you are too much of a moron to even think about that, ill let it slide

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