Dog Training- Over Excited About Toys spanish

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Dog Training- Over Excited About Toys A million thanks to David Quiroz- great friend, dog trainer and translator for translating my seminar so perfectly! This is an excerpt from my Colombia seminar. It goes over what you can do if your dog gets over aroused by toys while training Dog training clicker training emily larlham spanish espanol aroused over excited hyper dogs border collie

What do you think?

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11 Responses

  1. SoAliny
    | Reply

    yay im the first one
    love u by the way ^_^

  2. bravescatz
    | Reply

    Awesome, love helping others learning with a translator.

  3. iorgbgiosi
    | Reply

    cool that tips help thanks for sharing an other great video

  4. screamingpiano
    | Reply

    10 likes, 3 comments and 0 views? 🙂

  5. sonypower159
    | Reply

    How bout a 8mth old puppy like mine tats gets super excited when he gets himself wet?…(Golden retriever cross)

  6. Jal1515
    | Reply

    @sonypower159 he’s still a puppy, it’s possible he may grow out of it.

  7. Jal1515
    | Reply

    hmm ball obsessed 😉 You can always use that to an advantage and get into flyball if they have any teams where he lives. Fun sport 🙂

  8. Sirelroka
    | Reply

    Ball obsessed dogs tend to be slower and more difficult to train in flyball than those who are oriented on a reward with their person, such as playing with a tug toy.

  9. roofusgrl
    | Reply

    Hi Kikopup…wanna start off by saying I love your vids, I take all of your advice and it works wonders for out pit/lab retriever mix. Can you please make a video on how to break leash aggression. Our dog is wonderful w/kids, people, and does wonderful at the dog park but he gets overly anxious and aggressive while being walked on a leash. A vid would be so awesome to show us what to do…thanx

  10. kathleencorum
    | Reply

    The reaction of my two dogs to hearing this video was really funny!!!

  11. tillyandtally
    | Reply

    @kathleencorum lol mine too. They perked right up from their nap!

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