Dog Training on a Leash

Dog Training on a Leash

By Amy Howells

Dog training is something all dog owners should put their dog through. But did you know there are often some parts of dog training that people often forget about or don’t utilize?

This type of dog training is when your dog is wearing a leash. Many people don’t even realize that there are so many things a dog can learn while on a leash. If you are one of those people who would like to learn about dog training on a leash, please read on.

The first part of dog training while on a leash is to teach your dog to walk on a leash.

Many dogs get scared or confused when they first start wearing a leash.

Always remember to be positive and use lots of praise when introducing your dog to a leash. Make the dog training fun. Soon your dog will be accustomed to the leash and you can move on to other dog training.

If you are one of those poor people who has trouble getting your dog to pay attention while learning the basics of dog training (sit, stay, hell, come, etc.) you will soon find that teaching them to do these things while on a leash is often helpful.

Basic dog training can often be easier if the dog is on a leash. This is because the dog can’t really run off or lose focus because you have him on a leash.

The next part of dog training you can do on a leash is to teach your dog not to jump or pull. First, we will start with the dog training that teaches your dog not to jump. If your dog gets excited and tries to jump on a person or other things, tell it “no” in a firm voice.

Then, utilize your other dog training knowledge and make the dog sit until it calms down. Repeat as many times as necessary so that the dog training will set in.

Now for dog training that teaches your dog not to pull. If your dog pulls you while you are walking, first get a shorter leash.

This keeps the dog closer to you. If the dog starts to pull, tell it “no” in a firm voice and make it sit if it continues. This dog training will work with repetition and patience.

When dog training on a leash, remember to always use praise and positive reinforcement. Dogs respond much better to this type of dog training. If you have trouble with this type of dog training, then take your dog to as dog training course.

Many of theses courses are available at good rates. With the right dog training, your dog will learn how to properly behave while on a leash and in turn things will be much easier for you!

Amy Howells is an expert dog trainer who owns a website dedicated to teaching dog owners the short-cuts to dog training.

You can also sign up to her free e-course and discover the astonishing short-cut secrets to dog obedience training.

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