Dog Training – How To Use A Gentle Leader

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Dog Training Video – Learn why and how to use a Gentle Leader Head Collar on your dog to teach leash walking. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. therealmrsandman
    | Reply

    Thanks for this.. I have a 2 year old Pitt-Mastiff mix rescue that was not taken on walks.. She is very powerful and have been using a prong. Been trying a leader and she absolutely hates it. She has some fear aggression issues.. and I think the leader is making it worse. I’ll get her socialized and work on the leader some more.

  2. uglyxorgan
    | Reply

    I love my gentle leader!! I think someone use it as a quick fix rather than leash training. My dog is only on her GL until I can afford professional training.

  3. theboisebelle
    | Reply

    This was the best of the “how to use gentle leader” that I’ve seen.

  4. xXRSDWXx
    | Reply

    How much are these GL’s?

  5. eletendre1
    | Reply

    @xXRSDWXx About $20

  6. bschussl
    | Reply

    best video of how to use this collar. I hadn’t been able to figure it out before seeing this. Excellent!

  7. koakureiryoko
    | Reply

    @xXRSDWXx they are like $6 at walmart

  8. Joanne2k10
    | Reply

    I have just bought 1 of these for my dog and its great 🙂

  9. calabrisella122
    | Reply

    Will try this, t hanks for posting

  10. JosephBombDude
    | Reply

    Thanks for this! I am pet sitting for a friend of mine’s family and I couldn’t figure out how to put Buddy’s leash on. Any way I tried, I came up with the ring on top of the snout. xD Now I wanna know how to stop him from trying to remove it. He’s great when walking or when on hard ground, but when we step into the grass or onto carpet, he drops and won’t stop trying to get it off.

  11. winniethepo0p
    | Reply

    Hey eric.So for that strap thats dangling on it nose,is that for pulling the dog?or you hook another leash onto it?

  12. wallyter42
    | Reply

    are Halti’s okay for dogs in your opinion?

  13. iluvmysix
    | Reply

    I am puppy sitting a 9 month old boxer. His “mom” and “dad’ are at the hospital caring for their preemie twins born @ 25 weeks. I tried to walk him with his regular collar. We’ll just say it didn’t go well. Then I found the gentle leader in his bag of stuff. I watched the video. Put it on him and we just returned from a very pleasant walk. Wow!!! What an improvement!! I’m very impressed.

  14. elizestr
    | Reply

    We got the Gentle Leader and the Halti for our Golden Retriever puppy. The Halti’s sizing was completely whacked out, so we kept the Gentle Leader. He doesn’t like it and it seems like we can’t get it on right — it keeps slipping down the back of his skull and then the connection for the leash ends up on the side of his jaw.

  15. romerojrfam
    | Reply

    It’s not choking them then, that’s awesome! Would you recommend trying this on a puppy or only an older dog?

  16. freddie0708
    | Reply

    The most amazing gaget I had. My walking session is now instantly wonderful, Im not being pulled the whole way and we both enjoy it now.

  17. mackicoA090211
    | Reply

    Never could get the GL to fit right on my dog. The recommended tightness always made him make a weird choking noise that I didn’t like, and the noseband cut into his face when he pulled. He hated it.

    I personally prefer the Halti. The noseband is padded, never upsets his nose, and loosens off when he isn’t pulling. He doesn’t LIKE it, but he doesn’t hate it so much either.

    Also, just something I do, give the dog’s face a bit of a rub after you take the head harness off. They like that.

  18. crooks99345
    | Reply

    fucking dope eletendre1 thank you i could not figure this piece of shit out but your video helped me out a lot.

  19. MsGnorts
    | Reply

    My adorable Basst male Hound was a terrible walket before the GL. He wanted to stop everywhere to smell everything and he, being a strong dog, made my arm sore. Now, he must walk when i gently pull him and we get a more from our walks.


  20. kaivilyn
    | Reply

    is the dog able to open their mouths and pant?

  21. W33Dblazer
    | Reply

    lol my puppy just sits there and chews on the leash LOLL
    how can i stop this

  22. jjscatter5
    | Reply

    thank you very much – love your pet friendly choice. I gotta go take mine for a walk, and I love it!

  23. calimntgirl34
    | Reply

    I just adopted an 11 month old Golden Retriever. He has absolutely no leash experience, so walking him is a nightmare. Other than that, chasing cats seems to be the only downside..he is a loving dog, super friendly, easy going..just a lover. I want to be able to take him on daily runs..should I give this product a try? I am worn out from yanking on his least every few seconds for our 2 mile excursion (o: as I’m sure he is too!

  24. jimbob0592
    | Reply

    Make sure you put the gentle leader on correctly and be gentle with it. I have seen dogs develop eye problems from serious users of the “gentle” leader

  25. Ebonytheartist
    | Reply

    Thanks alot for posting this video. I had a gentle leader my husband knew how to use it, but I was alittle unsure. After seeing this video I now know what to do. =)

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