Dog Training – How To Train Your Rottweiler

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Rottweilers are big, beautiful, powerful dogs, Trained properly they can become great family pets. Learn how to train your Rottweiler in this video. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. versatilechicken
    | Reply

    are rotties good hiking dogs?

  2. housereaction
    | Reply

    i got a gift from a frnd!!! a rotweiler… about 7 months old bt cnt figure out hw 2 train ze dog

  3. jz96rules
    | Reply

    @housereaction dont worry its just like training a regular dog…teach by steps and remember to reward when they’ve done something good. 🙂

  4. jz96rules
    | Reply

    @versatilechicken they can be, just depends on that individual dog. My rotti loves to go hiking, running, kyaking, and just about play every sport with me. Just try it with ’em but dont force them. 🙂

  5. grk0987654
    | Reply

    @meyarz what will happen if u get it as your first dog as i heard they are quite inteliigent and can be trained easy plus i live in london i have a big garden but and average house do u think i should get onee sorry if u don’t no don’t worry i was just wondering need some advice

  6. meyarz
    | Reply

    @grk0987654 The reason they are not recommended as a first dog is purely because they are so head strong, yes they are very intelligent and that adds to their being so head strong, classic example is our rotti boss is adrorable and really sweet natured but if my partner tells him to do somthing ie go lay down he just looks at him wagging his tail and starts barking at him as if to say f off you lay down. That type of behaviou can lead to them walking all over the owner and various other …

  7. Carloz0756
    | Reply

    Can any of you send me a few message’s im getting a Rottweiler in the summer, spending 100% of my time with it, and wanna know a few things and what to do in a regular basis and not, can you msg me? thanks, (I will be a 1st time owner but my grandmother, Brother, Aunt basicly many people in the house have had a dog 😉 Thanks if you answer and msg me

  8. ritchiesame
    | Reply

    @meyarz My rotti also does the same to all my family members 🙂 she is even more aggressive. The grrrr sound from her makes my family to understand What she trying to say “Back Off buddy” 🙂 One thing is sure, she risks her life everytime to save me. Till today, she almost killed 6 snakes (2 of them are found to be cobras) invaded my house. I feel a courage when my Jenni sits near me. I love her (She is only 3 yrs old)

  9. ritchiesame
    | Reply

    @sweetdeafangel23 What kind of items he steal? How old is he? If he is a puppy, then he is cute.

  10. sweetdeafangel23
    | Reply


    he is five month old and he steal lot hard stuff and i have search for days for it like items: remote and i find it and my nepew toys and my shoe and other more and even he still smart dog and i try teach him sign langange because i am deaf and i want him be on my side no matter what as long he train as family and keep me safe 🙂

  11. svenman1996
    | Reply

    I have a rottweiler.She acts ike a puppy in front of me , my family and friends.But if I tell her , she would bite the crap out of anyone.

  12. rogantu
    | Reply

    @meyarz I’m gonna get 1 as a first dog.
    gonna use those special 6 education weeks to socoalize (however it is written) it with babies, cats, others dogs and humans
    gonna walk at least 3 times a day, if I walk only 3 they are going to be long walks.
    I have 1 year of education with dogs and trained 1 every 2nd week. the owner even told me after 8 classes the dog became better at commands ^^
    anyways I will have a back up plan in case the dog doesn’t want me as a leader. gonna get a friend as backup

  13. meyarz
    | Reply

    @rogantu lol

  14. loveable1628
    | Reply

    i hate rottweilers

  15. redeasy55
    | Reply


  16. davidhur09
    | Reply

    Oops I just fucked up my dig I don’t social use with it !!!!! O_O

  17. robin726
    | Reply

    @loveable1628 you I know you hate Rottweiler because you can’t afford one, So stop being a hater and start saving some money to buy one like mine

  18. filthyrusty
    | Reply

    @redeasy55 its comments like this one that gives all us rottweiler owners a bad name…well done dipshit

  19. deiwislt100
    | Reply

    @meyarz woops 🙁 i got a rottie and its our first dog :/why not recommend it?

  20. 09knucklez
    | Reply

    what you said is perfect, and it is how i have raised my rotty….i have used actual phisical punishment, but mostly verbal punishment and he has learned from the tone of my voice if he has been bad….what i was actually searching for was maybe some guidance on how to calm a rotty down…i have a 2 year old who jumps up alot and loves to be centre of attention…but my GF is 3 months pregnant, so this will end up being a problem

  21. redeasy55
    | Reply

    @filthyrusty comments like mine wtf u talkinn about fatboy my dogs are trained to the fullest ,but if anyone was to come in my house with me not eing there will get there ass shreaded….now i dont know what kind of pussyass rotts u got but my rotts are guard dogs…now on the other hand if u are invited into the house they are cool no problem…..nxt time before u start running your fatass mouth know the facts dum dum….a ill even get my dogs to shake your fat hand how about that pigboy

  22. redeasy55
    | Reply

    @BattleGround16 german shepards shed way to much for me and if u dont get one from a good breeder they have a history of bad hip problems iam cool on sheperds get u a rott or a canecorso that is if you are not a weeny…these dogs are for people who knows what the hell there doin got it

  23. redeasy55
    | Reply

    @BattleGround16 the best dog to gaurd your home isssssssssss theeeeeee rott for sure hands down i have a 3month old rott and he is already showing sighns of being protective and showing good gaurding instincts..rotts have it naturally dont need no training for that…ass for pitts being good gaurd dogs negative my pitts never had the instincts like my rotts..pitts are great i had red and blue nose ,no comparasent to the rott…..rott has that better stay back bark real deep bark pitts dont

  24. filthyrusty
    | Reply

    @redeasy55 yeah comments like yours dipshit you can tell your a fucking idiot yes my rottweiler will do its job if nobody’s home but i dont run around acting like a big man because of it =]

  25. redeasy55
    | Reply

    @filthyrusty acting like a big man what are u talikin about iam not big you are fat boy!!!!..i had rotts all my life iam not new to this fool….i can tell u more about rotties than your wack ass video bobbigboy…

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