Dog Training : How to Train Your Dog to Lie Down

Training a dog to lie down involves treats and positive reinforcement, leading the dog into a down position with a treat or toy before using the words “lie d…

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35 Responses

  1. AJ Taute
    | Reply

    came to learn about dog training, saw ad for Samsung SOS Island competition
    and now I have uploaded my application video! check my channel please

  2. TheFizzyfrog
    | Reply

    UGHHHHH didnt work all she did was wen i put thetreat on the flore she just
    puts her head on the flore she doesnt move her front legs what so ever help

  3. TheFizzyfrog
    | Reply

    @juanuqz9292 i have a shih tzu who knows how to sit, sit pretty, give paw,
    spin(chase tail) n high 5 and a char-pei who can comunicate with cats by
    grunting and i love cocka spaniels

  4. Huy Ha
    | Reply

    wow it worked..ur dogs suck!

  5. pinkarcticfoxyy
    | Reply

    my dog doesn’t lay down when i lower the treat

  6. sergeantcupcake11
    | Reply

    my dog the moment she lays down she hops back up in like two seconds

  7. badestnmbarbie
    | Reply

    it worked lol

  8. candj315
    | Reply

    My pup has been through two 8 week training courses (1 private and 1 group)
    and lay was never accomplished consistently. As a chihuahua she will ONLY
    lay on a soft padded surface… My other chis are exactly the same. This
    video helped a lot (yes the dog is very obviously pretrained).

  9. MsPussycatlover
    | Reply

    Wooooo Rhodesian ridgebacks are awesome I have one too

  10. TheFizzyfrog
    | Reply

    @andrewl3779 i’d try saying `no’ or shaking ur head when he/she gives paw
    and when he/she eats the treat tap not hit the nose it wont hurt ur dont it
    will just give him/her the idia she/he shoudnt be doing it

  11. lanky619
    | Reply

    Good video. Private uk number plate on ebay DOG LOVE ( DO6l OVE )

  12. Rawhide Kobayashi
    | Reply

    @TheFizzyfrog move it forward, and if that doesn’t work, just push a little
    on their shoulders, not too much, but enough to let them know what you want.

  13. WiLLitWORK1
    | Reply

    my dog is a english bulldog she only uderstands hand signs

  14. 4444Puppylover
    | Reply

    Guys, the reason why your dogs are not doing it might be because you might
    not be bringing their nose to the ground or you are moving the treat to
    fast. Always remember to only reward your dog if they are in the correct
    position. It takes lots of patience! Good luck! 🙂

  15. CloudyLight786
    | Reply

    Thanks, my dogs can sit, give paw and beg.

  16. FullyFlaredCantaloupe
    | Reply

    Help! When I do that my dog just sticks his butt up and yes he sits when i
    do it but he still sticks his butt up

  17. MistressFray
    | Reply

    My dog will sit…for a second. On the other hand she learned “touch”
    really quickly. Laying…that’s gonna take a while.

  18. Malia Gerrell
    | Reply

    when she sits and i start bringing down the treat like u did .. she stands

  19. lord1087
    | Reply


  20. Bart Devriese
    | Reply

    @luegim1 in soviet russia i would be millionaire

  21. LeonShepard
    | Reply

    I tried it, but my dog just wants to shag my leg. Dutty get

  22. Jackie M
    | Reply

    the key to dog training is to keep your cool dont say a command 20 times
    wait for them to do what you tell them however long it takes you need to
    have a lot of patience and dont give up because if you give up even once
    they will see that and i will be a tougher time to teach them

  23. mowmowisgod
    | Reply

    It took me awhile, but I got it. I think it was hard because my dog is a
    corgi and there’s not much distance from his nose to the ground, so he
    didn’t feel the need to lie down to get the treat. But after a few
    repetitions he figured it out. Thanks for posting!

  24. tricia williams
    | Reply

    WOW! I did exactly what you taught and my little pom learned it in about 5
    mins! Thank you! How fast should you teach new tricks?

  25. Rohan aggarwal
    | Reply


  26. iproall786
    | Reply

    My dog sits then i lower the treat and he stands up! I start again and he
    just keeps standing up! Any tips?

  27. TheKickazzGames
    | Reply

    @TheFizzyfrog u must have patience…. i got it to work, so why shouldn’t u?

  28. WolfGhost0
    | Reply

    WHAT i did was funny to teach my dog this… I pretended i was a dog… and
    put her ball on the table… Then i lied down and i said “Liedown” Basiclly
    she was gonna copy what i was doing. Then she lied down then i gave her the
    ball…Then eventually when i say liedown she does it !

  29. Ajoscram
    | Reply

    True. I’ve got a pug and unfortunately his neck is too long and his legs
    too small :/

  30. TheDogLady3
    | Reply

    I was able to get this to work for one of my dogs. If you can’t get it to
    work, you are probably doing what I did. You just laid the treat on the
    floor. When she sits, bring it by her nose and bring it DOWN HER CHEST,
    going to the floor., Once you do that, start to pull the treat towards you.
    That should make her lay down.

  31. carlospiceyweiner100
    | Reply

    what breed is this dog?

  32. MyDogandBone
    | Reply

    @sirdude970 Calm him down by scratching behind his ear, then show him a
    treat and then teach him 😀

  33. ILuvAyeAye
    | Reply

    Depends on your dog I think – I kept trying the technique Melody suggested,
    and he’d either break out of sit to walk towards the treat, or just stare
    at me like “really?” Hopefully the one in this video will work better for

  34. dinos dinou
    | Reply

    @juanuqz9292 i have a female pit bull who does sex with a teddy

  35. Whittney Clark
    | Reply

    Very hard to do with a mini-dachshund =(

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