Dog Training : How to Train Your Dog to Heel

Training a dog to heel can start off the leash with treats and positive reinforcement before continuing training on the leash during walks. Teach a dog to he…

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38 Responses

  1. CommandMastaCheef Vieira
    | Reply

    This is not the proper way to teach intro to heel.



  2. James Carpenter
    | Reply

    My dog needs assistance with training.

  3. Sage Hinz
    | Reply

    what is the belt leash thing you were using?
    i want one…

  4. Kuxy Doell
    | Reply

    A good reason to keep your dog on the left is for safety in traffic. We
    walk towards oncoming traffic and this puts your dog away from the cars. I
    feel you are on the right track, but you should check out Karen Pryor’s
    methods. She will explain why you should not use luring.

  5. North Shore Dog Walking
    | Reply

    Teach Your Dog to Heel.

  6. MaryE MCLea
    | Reply

    she is cute

  7. bby r
    | Reply

    I don’t like the idea that the puppy is off leash.. I don’t want my dog to
    heel when it is off leash, only when my dog is leashed..?

  8. alexnds1
    | Reply

    @OlDirtyBizza No, the way clicker training works, oryou first teach the
    “cue”, which is the click or the word “yes”, without any behaviour
    associated with the word. Not yet. You are not associating behavior with
    word just yet. That’s done later. All your are initially doing is getting
    the “reward word” in place, and the “release command” in place also, so
    that later on, when teach the actual stuff, you have taught the reward wrd,
    the release from command word, and the attention getting phase.

  9. Jicim
    | Reply

    they dont hunt in the real world?

  10. Jrwin90
    | Reply

    @Sallybunckle pretty sure training dogs is how she makes a living, so yeah,
    she is a professional dog trainer. i would actually prefer my dog to be a
    step away from me and not right by my side.

  11. Gandalf606
    | Reply

    cant see a damned thing!!!

  12. Brandon Liu
    | Reply

    Hi there… I have a 12mth old Malinois and when i take her out of the
    house she gets extremely excited and pulls. I’ve tried to teach her to heel
    but she does not listen. Any comments?

  13. eLLgrd
    | Reply

    @dogwhisperer2 I would like so to! I’m watching all theese videos to learn
    something but all the dogs seems to allready know what to do 🙁

  14. FerchuPivots
    | Reply

    lol i have a 2 month old german shepard and each day its teeth ar harder or
    it just trys to bite me more and ive had it for 4 days

  15. Laura Hindt
    | Reply

    Great video, all the people who say she is bad are not paying attention and
    don’t understand.

  16. nicolenadia1
    | Reply

    I’d like to see her train a 100 lb german shepard and see what happens when
    the dog bites her hand off for the treat and runs away…..

  17. Karan Hans
    | Reply

    sexciiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!

  18. Xials
    | Reply

    What do you mean ‘back in the day’? I’m a gentleman and I still carry my
    gun on the right.

  19. PotatoMasher1234
    | Reply

    @dogwhisperer2 thats like a 6 month old dog, its pretty impressive they
    could get it that sedated in the first place let alone train it on the
    spot, anyways i choose to take her word that the dog has never heeled before

  20. thestahnkman
    | Reply

    @realAmerican1969 it is best to be a pack leader to your dog and once you
    have accomplished that position, it is best to use affection as a reward.
    dogs like a good pat on the back.

  21. ashdawn504
    | Reply


  22. lolathechecker
    | Reply

    try the halti. not so much nose band pressure. i have found in my
    experience that those ones work the best.

  23. Brandon Liu
    | Reply

    Many thanks ill give it a shot… hope its effective

  24. hamza95s
    | Reply

    what food are you using?

  25. tamildeztiny
    | Reply

    veerappan alive??

  26. lifterguy
    | Reply

    I think there’s a good, contemporary, reason to teach your dog to heal on
    the left. If you live in North America or other parts of the world where
    people drive on the right, and you walk your dog along a road without a
    sidewalk, you should be walking on the left, facing traffic. In that
    situation, I would always want my dog on my left – away front the oncoming

  27. WhyOweYou2b
    | Reply


  28. WhatsYD
    | Reply

    My dog isn’t interested in the food unless it is right in front of his
    face… I try to get his attention but he is more interested in walking,
    cars, grass etc but if the food is put in front of him he goes straight for
    it but if I pull away or hold it above him he will just ignore me.. I’m
    really get frustrated because he never does as he is told when I walk him
    but inside the house he always does what he is told..

  29. 0108432216
    | Reply

    she is amazing omg!! all of this without money !!!

  30. MrGordonification
    | Reply

    is this dog training or human training?

  31. zaalias
    | Reply

    I wonder if Bucksy would start to run like hell on a leash, would it rip
    the hell out of your pants?. Just wondering.

  32. Kwizii
    | Reply

    @BennyDACHO But giving treats doesn’t exclude from being pack leader,
    doesn’t exclude from praise, and doesn’t exclude from telling off the dog
    when he is doing something wrong. If the dog indeed is food motivated, why
    not use it as well?

  33. runCMD
    | Reply

    @LIUtenant: Try getting a head collar named Gentle Leader. Other head
    collrs might not work as well. My Pit Bull pulled excessively and stopped
    as soon as I got him using it. To get them to use it, you sohuld just put
    the nose part on and treat them with very special treats in the house. The
    next day, maybe clip it on. and treat. The next day, go for a walk with it.
    I used that to start to teach heel and now I can walk him on a Sensation
    Harness without him pulling.

  34. Jen Higgins
    | Reply

    @cynthy123 if a dog is to focused on the food it is generally because the
    owner hasn’t learned about “variable-ratio schedule” this means you don’t
    treat the dog every time he sits, after they learn sit you mix it up, maybe
    after every 4th sit you give a treat, or after 10 sits you can treat think
    of a slot machine they don’t pay every time you pull the handle, but they
    pay out enough every now and then to keep you pulling that handle… it
    makes you more interesting if you are not predictable.

  35. xXFumbles16Xx
    | Reply

    @dogwhisperer2 yeah that would be very helpful wouldnt it

  36. runCMD
    | Reply

    didnt put my comment above in the right box 🙂

  37. alexnds1
    | Reply

    this is merely the attention getting phase. without attention, no other
    behavior is able to be taught. This trainer is teaching that staying with
    handler is met with food reward and thus, engagement is rewarded. This dog
    is untrained. Long way to go before finished exercise is shown.

  38. thegiantpaperpanda
    | Reply

    Great vid. I’m going to try it with my own dog next week.

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