Dog Training- How to train your dog not to bark- Episode 1

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

This is Episode 1 in a series of videos on how to train your dog not to bark. This episode focuses on barking at noises. The next episode will be focusing on barking at visual stimuli- dogs and people etc. I will write a larger description very soon. Dog training…

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. 2000rubs
    | Reply

    Kiko scared the crap out of Splash.

  2. mileydelgado
    | Reply

    hey emily my lab mix puppy cries when we leave her alone my neighbors might be stressed out because of her please help me i hope this video works 🙂 thanks

  3. acopper1243
    | Reply

    i have a quistion what if you’re dog barks at something but theres no smell or noise or it is a smell how do u handle that

  4. missmolliepink
    | Reply

    I’m having trouble identifying what sounds cause barking or controlling those sounds I can identify (neighbors playing or talking in their own yards). I have been trying to redirect the barking by calling the dog and rewarding for come, kennel-up, etc. I don’t seem to be seeing much improvement, though. What do you do if you cannot control or predict the trigger?

    Thanks for the great work. You have really improved our work!

  5. Sieist23Jahrealt
    | Reply

    if you pause the video then press play and then press 1 over and over… thats what my chihuahua Pablo sounds like all morning long. I think he thinks he is a rooster

  6. mica1120893
    | Reply

    why don’t you yawn at the chihuahua to tell him/her to calm down and theres nothing to threat about!……I learned that from your video on language of the dogs…..:)

  7. LittlePaw83
    | Reply

    I would bark on that machine, too xD

  8. jacknorman96
    | Reply

    check out how to train dogs easily on my channel 🙂

  9. jacknorman96
    | Reply

    that is called a squeak i think

  10. dwaynos007
    | Reply

    I think you should just fix the machine!

  11. mrjon75
    | Reply

    you are kinda sexy.

  12. socauseascene
    | Reply

    If my dog is barking because he wants something, we have an entirely different problem, I would think. If I want him to stop this behavior, I won’t be giving him treats to stop. That only tells him that what he is doing is alright. What else can I do about this?

  13. nkia5310
    | Reply

    solution: change your washing machine.

  14. KeeperOfAngels
    | Reply

    What If Your Dog Barks When You Leave The Room, But Only Tends To Listen To You? What Do You Do Then?

  15. MixYTm
    | Reply

    Only need 220W

  16. youtubian2500
    | Reply

    @LittlePaw83 So you would physically sit on the washing machine and bark? 😛

  17. Novalillyfox
    | Reply


    You’re ignorant as to the purpose of this video.

  18. catomajo79
    | Reply

    I am bringing a 10-month old dog into a home (I’m living with my sister for five months) with two other dogs… and both of these other dogs bark insanely to go out.They are always rewarded by being allowed to go outside… and I have no recourse in this for several reasons. How can I teach my dog not to bark in spite of (in the middle of!) this situation? Should I remove my dog via leash when this happens? Other? Thank you!

  19. LittlePaw83
    | Reply

    @youtubian2500 I would howl, too, if it’s necessary 😛

  20. mydogkanskidrums
    | Reply

    @neosaber We have to train using things the dog likes. No organism on earth does something without being reinforced in some ways. People feed their dogs every day, why not use that food in training? Kiko in this video is being desensitised to a loud noise…this is a great training opportunity to make her a happier dog.

  21. MyFavoritePupJasmine
    | Reply

    I think it’s so great that you make instructional videos like this! I always refer people to your channel if they have training questions. I don’t need to make ‘how to’ videos… because you already have excellent videos for any subject they need!

  22. BreyerStudios7
    | Reply

    Thank you so much! My dog barks a lot!

  23. PleaseThumbsUp
    | Reply

    You sound like a robot

  24. DistortedSoul2010
    | Reply

    Think u need a new washing machine!!

  25. MatTags3
    | Reply

    This and the other 2 episodes on barking were very helpful. We live on our sailboat and our Schipperke has recently started barking at everyone who passes by or at other boaters doing work on their decks. I can’t wait to implement the steps presented in these videos.

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