Dog Training- How to train your dog not to bark- Episode 1

This is Episode 1 in a series of videos on how to train your dog not to bark. This episode focuses on barking at noises. The next episode will be focusing on…

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34 Responses

  1. Rob Nair
    | Reply

    This is great for noises you can control. My biggest problem is with motorcycles driving up and down the street where we live at random times through the day. If I can’t predict when they’re going to drive by how can I condition his behavior?

  2. dschwartzification
    | Reply

    Watching this video to teach my new pup to stop barking at everything. 0:19 chihuahua starts barking. Two seconds later, my puppy starts. Dilemma…

  3. Lilly Hughes
    | Reply

    Hi fellow dog people!, If you are like me and had trouble getting your dog to bhave then let me tell you about a site which helped me loads in getting my minnie to bahave., they have loads of step by step videos for you to watch/learn.. This site is now my first port of call !

  4. Sarah Jane
    | Reply

    Yes !, Finding the best training for your new puppy / dog can be really hard, i went to and followed the step by step program which was amazing. Such a great website and videos !!

  5. Azize Contabah
    | Reply

    the dog behind you at the end is like “i see what you did there”

  6. AvieMare
    | Reply

    I have used click training on my horses and dogs for years. This is how I trained my service Chi Hobbie to bring mr my Asthma inhaler when I have an attack.

  7. Kenny Hotz
    | Reply

    this guy is definitely the number one bear whisperer ever!!

  8. Jenny Gossweiler
    | Reply

    We have stairs that our puppy is trained to stay up on and not come down to the doorway.  Problem is he is eyelevel to the window at the top of the door. He barks at anyone or things-I don’t know what and you were saying that you have to train before they see the “thing” that is out in our courtyard. I feel bad for the occasional yelling at him to stop. I know our poor puppy. We don’t like doing it but its an apartment complex and we have to respect our neighbors.

  9. Shraddha Chhabra
    | Reply

    My dog is reactive to other dogs barking, cars etc … I am going to try this, any suggestions ?

  10. bestconnections
    | Reply

    Really good training video. You really need to level that washing machine, it has adjustable feet you just turn them. If you don’t level it you will be buying another washing machine soon.

  11. Spoon Blender
    | Reply

    Lolz, my bird shouts when someone he knows goes up the stairs.

  12. Jennifer Garlick
    | Reply

    Our new puppy barks at us sometimes when we are eating dinner, or when we stop giving her treats when she wants more. Wanting food seems to be the trigger for her. Sometimes when we try to train her, she will bark when the training session is over because she wants more treats. It can be very frustrating trying to train her when she does this.

  13. mayamooncat
    | Reply

    First: Health Check especially Thyroid!! Second Get a good trainer Third Introduce the Clicker – if not done already. Emily has a Video about Capturing Calmness! First at home, then outside and reduce walking time. Click your dog for looking calmly – at HIS most comfortable distance – at cars, people, etc.

  14. lisar1010
    | Reply

    My dog barks at the front door when someone knocks on it!

  15. Dylan Stephenson
    | Reply

    I hav a greyhound that barks for 0 reasoning

  16. Keysha Marie
    | Reply

    my dog barks at everything the cars, the people,the little kids , & when im walkin with him he pulls the leash and barks i dont know what to do anymore 🙁

  17. Ruth Bernstein
    | Reply

    I only need it when I am baby sitting my granddog.

  18. john5743
    | Reply

    Only downside is they let us know when someone is here when we don’t. So if some creeper is breaking into the house at night. Our dogs let me know to grab my shotgun.

  19. Rosi Fathoni
    | Reply

    Guys, turn your dog into the perfect canine pal doesn’t need to be difficult (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search a dog training program known as Xobodog Training (google it). Seriously, thanks to Xobodog Training I’ve have a better relationship with my beloved pet. I probably should not even be talking about it because I don’t want a bunch of other folks out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am in a good mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

  20. Gisele Grenier
    | Reply

    thank you for sharing this video!

  21. Jordan Picklecopter
    | Reply

    I just wet my dogs with a squirt bottlewhen they bark. Works for women when they talk too! 😀

  22. Cathies Canine Care Burnaby
    | Reply

    Do you have a video for go to matt when door bell rings ?

  23. PennybagDarrell
    | Reply

    hopefully not for their own heath i own a double barrel 10 guage shotgun as well

  24. TheLilinator1
    | Reply

    Hopefully someone will do the same to you.

  25. L96beastKId
    | Reply


  26. PennybagDarrell
    | Reply

    my neibors dog used to bark all day all night so i shot him 6 times with a high powered pellet gun and he hasnt barked scince

  27. Katherine Li
    | Reply

    Hahahaha saame!

  28. Brian Kim
    | Reply

    Very logical

  29. beanietwinkle
    | Reply

    Hi Kikopup! I am a huge fan of your channel, and I have been watching like crazy! We have a fearful/reactive rescue who is very startled by sudden noises, especially when he has been sleeping. If he his asleep and someone walks by talking loudly outside, he wakes up barking and growling. How do I use this technique to train for noises that I cannot predict? (Mail delivery, unexpected guests etc.) Other people, please like this comment if you have a similar question. Thank you!!

  30. Ami June
    | Reply

    They laughed when I told them I would bulk up with Max Muscle Method, but then I showed them the results. Google Max Muscle Method to see their reaction.

  31. Cinderalla Roberts
    | Reply

    My dogs bark at everyone!!!

  32. JennaArthur12186
    | Reply

    I have a golden retriever puppy that is 8 monthes old. She has to stay in the kitchen (which is large) and we call it her room. The problem is she barks whenever we leave the room. How can we teach her not to bark in this situation? Also she barks for attention while in her crate at night? Help?!

  33. Mirza Adisantoyo
    | Reply

    Hi! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Xobodog Training (do a google search), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you thought about this dog training program called Xobodog Training? I’ve heard some unbelivable things about it.

  34. Emma Meek
    | Reply

    so, what do i do in a situation where the dog, a cavalier who is happy but barks at everthing. my area is surrounded by dogs, chooks, multiutdes of birds, huge cockatoos and foot traffic….how on earth do i condition him to all that?
    he is NOT under any stress, ive watched him very closely…its a game for him….

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