Dog Training – How To Train A Mastiff

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

How to Train a Mastiff – Learn how to train your Mastiff obedience and discover tips and techniques you can use in this video. You can also get more information on Mastiff training by getting the FREE Dog Training Blueprint at: Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel.

What do you think?

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23 Responses

  1. mastiffman5
    | Reply

    I totally agree.i have 5. 🙂

  2. pacifica1000
    | Reply

    my aunt has a mastiff i love him even more than my dog ha ha

  3. robzdriven
    | Reply

    well spoken. tyvm. ps love the red walls!

  4. rugbymom75
    | Reply

    My mastiff is a gentle giant and loves other dogs as long as there are not on a leash. I can’t walk him in the park because the minute he sees another dog he goes into protect mode even with a gentle leader and a double looped leash. How do I train him not care about other dogs and enjoy his time in the park? He is 18 months old and did not develop this problem until he was about 9 months old. He is fixed. He lives with another dog too.

  5. SSandshark1050
    | Reply

    My mastiff is SUPER protective of my father. My father has weak legs due to some medical problems and he tends to fall from time to time. Once, he fell on a walk and could not get up and my Mastiff “Rocky” backs up on to my dad and lunged and snarled at ANYONE whom came close. INCLUDING police and rescue personnel. My father had to call me and make me go down there to call the dog off so they could help him.

  6. Blndrfist
    | Reply

    Your dog does this because you have failed to establish yourself as the dominant leader over your dog. Instead, the dog sees himself as the dominant and he believes he owns you. I suspect that this results from babying treatment that you have given the dog since you’ve had him and also because you have no clue what you’re doing. The dog is not a human; he must be treated like a dog. If you can’t be assertive, give him up before he hurts someone.

  7. carlosravel
    | Reply


    5? you lucky bastard!!

  8. umurcan96
    | Reply

    is a mastiff a good first dog

  9. killgates1
    | Reply

    @umurcan96 no.

  10. TheJockeygirls101
    | Reply

    Killgates1 well it depends I had a male English mastiff and he was a bug dope he was smart in a way of knowing not to run up to that tiny child

  11. BitterBandster
    | Reply

    I have 2 beautiful english mastiffs and what you failed to mention is that they are as stubborn and stupid as they are big.

    Also, mastiffs don’t pull you on a walk, you have to pull them a good deal of the way.

  12. RelentlesslyHuge
    | Reply

    I’ve had two mastiffs and the gentle leader is just a non starter for them. I much prefer a harness. I found the gentle leader to get caught in the jowls and to be ineffective if the dog decided to pull or lunge. Not that I can keep my mastiff from lunging on a harness, but the harness was less distracting to him while he was learning his manners. I agree, though, that the biggest challenge is not the mastiff forging ahead, but the mastiff standing still.

  13. jokerbookshop
    | Reply

    i want to buy a mastiff because i heard that mastiffs are lazy and i want to own a dog that is lazy.

  14. JachimoTV
    | Reply

    @umurcan96 a mastiff was my first dog he lasted me 10 years he was great just get ready for a big dog with a big heart:)

  15. ageofempires619
    | Reply

    @umurcan96 you should get a medium or medium-big dog before you get a mastiff because a mastiffs are the biggest dogs

  16. BitterBandster
    | Reply


    Mastiffs are medium sized dogs for about a week 🙂

  17. ageofempires619
    | Reply

    @BitterBandster lol

  18. dogsfwend
    | Reply

    gentle leader’s (which I think work great) work by giving the dog the correction to “submit” so for my mastiff who is as gentle and submissive as they come- what it did for him was made him lay down in the street and not budge untill it came off. We tried for 30 minutes before i took the thing off. My mastiff is trained to almost perfection BUT if on a walk they want to really see something- they are going to see it and take you with them!! Heehee. LOVE my boy though….

  19. jeffdaddy1308
    | Reply

    What about if you rescue an older one who already has leash issues and isn’t very socialized. Also the gentle leader doesn’t really work on my Dogue de Bordeaux, and advice?

  20. luvingmommie05
    | Reply

    I have a mastiff puppy and he HAS NEVER pulled me during a walk…but that’s only because I am PULLING HIM the whole dang walk…he refuses to walk on a leash…it’s very annoying!!!!

  21. ericpieper69
    | Reply

    Any advice on how I can get my English Mastiff to come inside after I let him out to do his business? I have to walk out in the yard to get him out and the same to get him to come in. He is 14 months and I just got him a week ago. Also sometimes he won’t come in even though he wants to.

  22. rugbymom75
    | Reply

    @dogsfwend gentle leaders can cause neck spasms. just went through it with mine.

  23. Dcjaxn
    | Reply

    @luvingmommie05 lmao!

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