Dog Training – How To Train A German Shorthaired Pointer

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

How to Train a German Shorthaired Pointer – Learn how to train your German Shorthaired Pointer obedience and discover tips and techniques you can use in this video. You can also get more information on German Shorthaired Pointer training by getting the FREE Dog Training Blueprint at: Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel.

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. danoneil
    | Reply

    i guess i should sell my pointer to a hunter. poor guy! he is going to miss running in the field and on the beach behind my house EVERYDAY!

  2. Blacksunshine636
    | Reply

    I have a 5 mos old male. He can climb the counter in the bathroom by pulling out one of the drawers, flips the latch on the window and gets out. He is very intense, smart and very sweet and trainable. Mine definitely does well with excercise.

  3. h3l3na07
    | Reply

    I think I had the lazyest GPS in the world. :)) He didn’t really liked runing or playing with other dogs. Not even long walks. He just liked sleeping in his chair, with the cat as a pillow. Really miss him…

  4. badgedodgerman
    | Reply

    we got a free gsp.. then it cost me thousands in damage. but….. now we run her daily she is awsome. there is no such thing as a free gsp….. but there worth every penny…… GET ONE…RUN IT

  5. rabidsushi
    | Reply

    i have a gsp that runs around in circles and whines and barks even if we run him alot. its an anxiety thing but we dont know what causes it. funny dog…

  6. AlishaEtch14
    | Reply

    Aw I have a liver color pointer, he is such a baby, we are CONSTANTLY playing lol, he’s a great hunter, a.d.d. dog! I have videos of him if you wanna check it out! šŸ™‚
    Great video!

  7. mommakitty25
    | Reply

    I like the way you take a big deep breath after saying today i’m going to talk about the german shorthaired pointer! LOL I have a solid liver male šŸ™‚ Lots of energy is true…oh so true šŸ™‚

  8. birdhunter317
    | Reply

    I would not trade my GSP for all the tea in china,plus that boy can flat out hunt.But this guy is right they need a ton of exercise lucky that we have a field right next to our property

  9. sskkeerrmm
    | Reply

    hey, i’ve got also a gps. She’s now 1 year and 2 months. She’s starting to go mountainbiking with me, but i don’t now how much she can take. We started her condition about 3.5 months ago with canni-cross with a max of 6 km.
    Now we mountenbike between 5 and 10 km 2 or 3 times a week. Is this to much for a young dog?
    She doesn’t seems to get tired. Mostly i have to cool her down and force her to go slower. I don’t want her to get hurt in a few years… tnx

  10. lahrgsp
    | Reply

    I have had GSP’s my whole life and they are NOT that energetic.

  11. ropeadopemt
    | Reply

    Owned several breeds of hunting dogs. Owned and still own blue heelers and a border collie. This GSHP is the absolutely on CRACK!!! Hyper!!!!!!!! Can’t wear them out.

  12. thaliodrin
    | Reply

    my pointer has two settings: “crazy-go-nuts” and “snuggle.” If he gets good run-time two days a week, he’s adorable and very low maintenance. Without regular run-time – psycho!

  13. mynameiscortes
    | Reply

    As long as u run ur dog take him to a dog park or just teaching him tricks mentally he will get tired and want to rest. Just having him makes me and the wife go out alllllot more haha check my videos out. O yeah is it ok to take gsp our in snow?? And how is the best way to introduce him to a lake pond beach or pool. Thanks plz send me a MSG thx. ( are here any gsp grps in Cali area??)

  14. skynet000001
    | Reply

    @lahrgsp I agree…

  15. turkey2003
    | Reply

    I have two GSP’s and I walk them 6 days a week, I have never seen one of them tired, I walked one 10 or so miles, until her feet were bloody raw and she was still wanting to go more, I on the other hand was ready to fall over. Definitely a breed for a active person. Oh and every shorthaired I’ve ever seen has been a compulsive whiner!

  16. capo689
    | Reply

    I rescued a GSP (liver and white, SO pretty!) He needs one or two walks a day… dog park and/or hikes a couple of times a week… frankly the same exercise I need. He is SUPER well behaved… he will whine, but I only tell him to stop once and he’s good.

  17. Demario300
    | Reply

    MIne isnt. He acts like Marley. Hes very playful and has a lot of energy. He also likes to jump on our company. Does anyone know what i could do to make him a little bit more obedient.

  18. mustang99190
    | Reply

    @Demario300 thats like my dog and does your dog escape if you let it off the lead or any thing? cause if i let my dog into my front garden she jumps over the wall and i have to run down the street after her and she wont come when you call her and she definitly noes her name!! shes 3 years old no and shes still hyper it kinda wories me

  19. mustang99190
    | Reply

    is it too late to train your german short haired pointer to come when its called when its 3 years old??

  20. iFireMake
    | Reply

    @Demario300 Neuter him

  21. Triggin1
    | Reply

    @mustang99190 never to late!

  22. HPRgirl
    | Reply

    Mental stimulation si more important than exercise. Its never too late to train anything….just always use positive reinforcement to train. Neutering will do no good once the behaviour has been learnt.
    the more you exercise, the fitter your dog will get and the more exercise he will then need…..its a vicious circle. concentrate on the mental stimulation. clicker training is the ideal way way to train, but make sure you understand the methodology before you start.

  23. franzmc72
    | Reply

    All these dogs need is firmness and consequence and never waiver and always follow through, if you have given a command.
    Best dogs in the world!

  24. tm0invld
    | Reply

    Great dog for long distance runners. My pointer runs over 30 miles a week with me and she loves it! the sight of running shoes makes her very excited.

  25. GuitarKid905
    | Reply

    how hard is it to train them to not attack cats, we have dogs but also one cat and we dont want it to attack the cat

  26. Josh Tucker
    | Reply

    great dogs!

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