dog training- how to purse train / crate train a dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

This video goes over the steps on how to teach your toy dog to love being in a purse. One of the main reasons that people get small dogs is for the convenience of being able to take them where ever they go. One way of taking dogs everywhere is by concealing them in a purse. This tutorial…

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. malteserus
    | Reply

    Great video of clicker train pups!

  2. got2bcash
    | Reply

    very nice, emily kikopup. Not applicable maybe for my akita and rotty (picture that!) , but fun to watch nevertheless (and i can substitute ‘crate’ for ‘purse’).

    more frequent videos, please!

  3. mightymikaagility
    | Reply

    So cute! Great tutorial.

  4. OntarioUrbanMusher
    | Reply

    Teach my malamute that trick!:P hehe jk i like the vids you are a very kind trainer

  5. claudiahoyle
    | Reply

    ah! it made me chuckle when kiko went into the sack! nice one

  6. ZandersStory
    | Reply

    Another great tutorial, Emily! I can’t believe Splash fit into that bag!! She looked so cozy! 5*s

  7. AstR0cH1ck3N483
    | Reply

    Great vid! Too bad I have a Great Dane. 😉

  8. ribofmrhf
    | Reply

    AWESOME. Do you have any advice on potty training. Yesterday i got two chihuahuas. they are 4 months and five days old. they aren’t potty trained and i have no idea as to how to train them. Is it to late for them? i really need all the help i can get. thanks for any help or addvice you have. Oh, does it take a long time?
    One more thing, i would like for them to go potty outside.

  9. tobyrozon
    | Reply

    Thanks a lot! my mom got my pup a hard crate…and i started some of your tips prior to seeing this video. So you other tip about the option to stay is great

  10. pimpingpete
    | Reply

    uhh whats a clicker?

  11. kidakaen
    | Reply

    you’re big dog was ADORABLE!

  12. NormyPie
    | Reply

    I was wondering why you say ‘OK’ is not a good word? Is it because it’s so commonly said?

  13. Kaye558
    | Reply

    I like this idea! But I am not sure if they can breath inside a purse. =(
    [ i once had a pet mouse who know how to get in my backpack and he is not afraid of it. I didn’t train him to do it but he loves going inside. But once, my lil’ bro left him in his back pack for 10-15 mins and then found that my mouse died inside.=( ]
    So….. I just want to notify people not to leave your dog or any animal inside a purse for a very long period of time.

    I really like this vid! Good for crate training!

  14. NormyPie
    | Reply

    OK, I tried this yesterday, except with a bike trailer I just got off eBay. I’ve not got my pup yet so I tried it with a friend’s dog I’ve never worked with before, and she took to it straight away. She obviously thought it was a great little den, because when we went upstairs later she saw the puppy crate and was desperate to get in, lol!

  15. kikopup
    | Reply

    @NormyPie I use “ok” with my dogs, but when I talk to a group of people as a teacher I say “Ok, now we are going to do this and that…” or I will say “ok…” while Im thinking of the next trick to do with one dog, while the other is lying down… and the dog gets up… ! So with Tug I am using “Free!”.

  16. NormyPie
    | Reply

    @kikopup OK! :o)

  17. NormyPie
    | Reply

    @kikopup OK! :o)
    I trained Noodle to get in his bag yesterday and was very pleased that he stayed calmly in it the whole time we were out walking (still need to work on the standing around stuff). Today we had a fantastic training session with the bike trailer. He was catching on very quickly so I raised the criteria quickly too – sniffing the trailer, touching it, putting paws in, getting in, getting in and sitting, staying in whilst I move it etc. Not hooked up to bike yet – next session!

  18. ThePinkbluered3
    | Reply

    Thanks, I subscribed!

  19. smokahontas23
    | Reply

    wow very informative, great job. love your border collie!

  20. adasdghjhgjgh
    | Reply

    Need to marry you ****

  21. RAHHicecream
    | Reply

    Soooo many treats lol

  22. RocketReviews4u
    | Reply

    where do you get a clicker? i tried using a bottle cap that had a pop up safety sound but it wasn’t loud enough for my dog to hear… ???

  23. RocketReviews4u
    | Reply

    nevermind I found a clicker! 🙂 best 3 dollars I ever spent! 🙂

  24. StLCardsGuy
    | Reply

    There is no better trained dog than a service dog.

  25. Lunagirl50
    | Reply

    LOL caring splash in a huge bag at the mall!
    check out my vid of my lab puppy! i no its horrible quality i was shooting it with a laptop hopefully ill get a real camcorder soon!

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