Dog Training: How to Make Your Dog an Indoor Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description The BEST DOG TRAINING PAGE on FACEBOOK Follow me on Twitter: My main channel: My second (video blog) channel: My secret channel: ??? follow me on twitter or “like” me on facebook to find that one:)

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. jessicalynnadair
    | Reply

    Is teaching your dog to sleep in a krate at night good?

  2. blackdogxx
    | Reply

    @StickItOutTillTheEnd Call the humane officer right now and tell him what you know and the address of the family. A puppy cannot tolerate intense heat that an older dog can get accustomed to with shelter and water… Make your decision to spare the puppy suffering and if the family member gets noisy or threatening, file at the court with the clerk of the court for a judge to order the family member(s) to stay away from you physically or by phone.

  3. kakaobe
    | Reply

    i fukin love you and your gorgeous dogs!!! i wish more people knew ’bout you.

  4. fellyfell23
    | Reply

    do you believe that a dog can only have one “real” parent/trainer? my friend really wants to hire someone to train his dog. Would that just be confusing? i told him that and he said that since its his dog She’ll listen no matter what.

  5. Jal1515
    | Reply

    a very long time ago, i went out with my uncle to his friends house and he owned an outdoor dog (shepherd husky mix maybe?). I actually tried to get the dog inside, nothing worked, the dog is also slightly afraid of people too but the dog never wanted to go inside. Although my uncles friend had a decently large outdoor kennel with a heating pad with also AC in there for the summer. He does care about the dog but that’s how he was raised 🙂

  6. Vegan007
    | Reply

    You are amazing Zack! I have been telling people this same information for years (including my own mother) and they are just stubborn as hell. We need more people like you getting out there and telling people all this information

  7. AgilityFox
    | Reply

    There’s no point keeping such a social animal outside, we need to interact with them.

    Another video to bookmark and spread around !

  8. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    @fellyfell23 While I don’t really believe in dropping your dog off to be trained but feel you should put the time and effort in yourself, it is what they do with dogs who will have jobs helping disabled people deal with their day to day lives. And those dogs don’t get confused, and are thoroughly socialised and much loved by their owners who depend on them.

  9. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    @Piggieelaydee Why did you get a puppy if it has to spend so much time on his own?

  10. HappyHag
    | Reply

    @fellyfell23 Can I just say that your friend needs training too. The training is what builds the relationship, and it goes on every day of your life with the dog. it doesn’t just happen somewhere else and that’s it, job done. If your friend could hire someone to show him how to train his dog, it would be much better for them both and give them lifelong skills with each other.

  11. rvenes
    | Reply

    Who have outdoors dog?
    My dog lives inside, in my bed, in my lap, in the chair, in his bed.
    Potty training? My dog tells me when he need to go, outside.
    You learn the different sounds he makes, and what he wants when he make those sounds.

  12. ayeshasultan3
    | Reply

    hey zac …:) i must say dat ur work is incredible…it has helped me alot thanx loads 🙂 keep it up !
    i want to teach my dog to guard and attack cant find any ov ur videos regarding that on youtube…could u help me out plz…i wanna teach her that as soon as possible

  13. StickItOutTillTheEnd
    | Reply

    @blackdogxx Luckily, they convinced her dad to use the crate I offered them. I’m happy that they’re keeping her inside. They have a bull mastif, and the crate I gave them will probably outgrow her soon, but I think that my convincing made them aware of the dangers of heat and dogs. Thanks for your comment!

  14. fellyfell23
    | Reply

    @HappyHag lol that’s what i said!!!! he’s a stubborn mule.

  15. fellyfell23
    | Reply

    @amitnagpal1985 omg YES HE IS!

  16. katieandMoon96
    | Reply

    @ayeshasultan3 He has a video up on that! And he doesnt teach you that, he goes againist it. Its not a good idea to teach them to attack

  17. chillmaz8888
    | Reply

    Good comment about the vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t take much

  18. bardia971
    | Reply

    thumbs up if you tried to show this video to your parent

  19. MrBeastsmurf
    | Reply

    @zakgeorge21 zak did u hear about dozer the goldendoodle if not look it up he is amazing

  20. MrBeastsmurf
    | Reply


  21. majestytd
    | Reply

    Some people are very clean and they will always want to keep it clean at all time..

  22. 1967mjc
    | Reply

    Everybody’s relationship with their dog is unique and their own.
    If you give your dog what they need to live comfortably out side, there is no reason you can’t have a full and rewarding bond for both you and your dog.
    Suggested reading:
    ‘Merle’s Door–Lessons from a Freethinking Dog’ by Ted Kerasote
    ‘The Hidden Life of Dogs’ by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

  23. Piggieelaydee
    | Reply

    @EvelineUK he’s about 6 years old now, not a puppy haha.

  24. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    @Piggieelaydee Doesn’t matter. Why get a dog if you can’t spend that much time with him?

  25. 250trailmaster
    | Reply

    see this video is wrong for me because i spend pretty much all day everyday outside with my dogs rain shine snow i even sleep outside half the time and if i brought my dogs inside they wouldn’t be getting as much attention as they do now

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