Dog Training – How To Get Your Dog To Take His Meds

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Easy way to get your dog to take his meds or vitamins without shoving them down your dog’s throat or getting your hands all gooey making a meatball. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at: (more)

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. SpyroTheDragon9972
    | Reply

    How did you get them to not fight over the food?

  2. bububububak
    | Reply

    the throwing is amazing… i tried it and it worked!:)…thanks!

  3. monroeroadrunner
    | Reply

    My dog hates getting his Advantix medicine applied to her back. She even avoids me when I have a pen or similar object in my hand thinking it is her flea/tick medicine. Any suggestions on how to make this monthly process easier?? Appreciate any ideas you may have.

  4. spilledmilk333
    | Reply

    The hot dog trick works with bits of roast beef too. We put the little chunks (very lean, all meat) in a ziplock with our doggie’s monthly medicine. She loved it! Thanks Mr. Amazing!

  5. brittany53487
    | Reply

    Umm.. well i have a dog to and i have meds for my dog 2 but i put his meds is a hot dog or throw it really fast at him so he will catch it lol an my dog can jump real HIGH lol

  6. TheGameBreedPit
    | Reply

    I never try that but I will and return to let ever one know it it works or not

  7. kaphouse
    | Reply

    wow! what a cool concept!

  8. MsJackspade
    | Reply

    You know I feed my dog hotdog piece and her pills like that because she would just spit them out or get sick meds for dogs are like humans
    if it taste bad you spit it out

  9. candym27
    | Reply

    very cool concept! thanks!

  10. tool987ja
    | Reply

    aw is that your pit bull that passed away?

  11. ZakGeorgeCrazy3
    | Reply

    i never really thought of that.

  12. JuniperBloodrayne
    | Reply

    Neat concept.

    I take a dog biscuit, stick some peanut butter to it, and bury the pill in the peanut butter. LOL

  13. americanGTA
    | Reply

    hot dog

    hot dog

    hot dog


  14. EmokiaxDD
    | Reply

    @gusano992 The dog will dig out the pill and put it aside . Dog aren’t stupid

  15. sanmiguel123
    | Reply

    heyy men! thanks!. it really worked:D

  16. hater11000
    | Reply

    @natebot No my mother tried it on me

  17. jamiemariehowington
    | Reply

    that’s brilliant!!!! works everytime!!

  18. orangefish10
    | Reply

    @EmokiaxDD then why did they eat the pill lol? gusano is right

  19. tado95070
    | Reply

    the dogs were all like what the heck?… then OOO! hot dogg! hahaha

  20. ilgesmccool
    | Reply

    Love this. Thanks so much.

  21. TowerOne88
    | Reply

    cool thanks for the heads up i just got a pitbull puppy a month ago so when i have to give him any type of pills ill use ur techinque

  22. jjscatter5
    | Reply

    really enjoyed watching to your videos – I love animals and its great looking after them!

  23. randombacon
    | Reply

    Love all your videos you give such easy to follow and great tips. BEST dog trainer around 

  24. Lizakat50
    | Reply

    What kind of hot dogs are best for dogs? My dog takes a pill twice a day. Are that many hot dogs a day good for the dog?

  25. 27Bolaji
    | Reply

    I think it is useful. But speed is important. Will try it. I have done the meatball stuff before. I used to have one German Shpherd that even with a meat ball etc was very uncooperative. Thanks Eric.
    I have 2 Rott puppies 8 months old that love to play too much with water. They would lie down in any pool of water and really get dirty. It is annoying

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