Dog Training: Getting Your Puppy or Dog To Like a Leash

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

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What do you think?

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15 Responses

  1. Sthorvnes
    | Reply

    I had my staffie, Hercules, walk around the house with the leash on him.
    Just so he realized it doesn`t hurt him or symbolize something bad.
    He walked with a leash already after 2 days, but he of course tried to bite it at times
    He is a staffordshire bull terrier 😛

  2. KelseyTVS
    | Reply

    Woooo I stay up till 3 am and I’m rewarded with a new Zak video!

  3. icelitewafi
    | Reply

    Great advice! I wished I knew that when I got my puppy. She used to be scared of the leash. Now, she loves it!

  4. swithywizzy
    | Reply

    My puppy has no problems on a leash. However, when I try to take him on a walk, he never wants to walk anywhere away from our house, as in he will just sit there, and will NOT budge if I try to take him anywhere away from our house. If I try to carry him to a longer distance, he will literally SPRINT back to our door and start whining to get let in. Why is this so, and how could I get him to enjoy walks more?

  5. JuniorAmazon
    | Reply

    My dog likes to pick up the leash if you let it hang from him and he goes and walks himself around the house.

  6. sergioosvaldo1
    | Reply

    4:36 am!!!!

  7. Voidic
    | Reply

    I’d share it but I don’t know any dog owners irl.

  8. ericklandiamix
    | Reply


  9. aerosmithacdcbonjovi
    | Reply

    My dog will play for a toy 2-3 times per day but each time loses interest in 5 minutes or less. She is a 4 yr old beagle we just adopted. Any toys you recommend?

  10. SalsaTiger83
    | Reply

    @aerosmithacdcbonjovi I’d say that is not unnatural, especially beagles tend to have short attention spans. Often that translates to lower “reliability”. A way out of this is getting them to obsess over something, like clicker training. Beagles tend to be mostly food-motivated.

  11. SalsaTiger83
    | Reply

    I think the “leash problem” revolves around attention span. We might not see it that way, but for puppies walking on a leash is difficult and an act of concentration because the leash is an entirely new concept to them, just like calculus is to us at first. Then add the natural tendency for puppies to just hate getting too far away from their cave, it looks like they hate the leash.

  12. Jal1515
    | Reply

    when i first got my Lab i made sure i got a light leash, not something too heavy for her neck and a light and comfortable collar, and i let her run around our backyard while playing with her in our backyard with her “equipment” on ;). Then when i started walking her, i would follow her for the first 3-5 days and if she pulled on the leash i would stop. You never want to pull or drag a puppy on leash (i see this so often in my job and in my neighbourhood and the pups grow up to be heavy pullers)

  13. gimkilo57
    | Reply

    wow.. as soon as I notice a problem with my puppy, you post a video about it. I dont even have the time to ask.

  14. new123
    | Reply

    I feel as if your answers aren’t anything dog owners across the world don’t know. Zak can you get straight to the point and answers these questions better. Tell me something I don’t know.

  15. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    @aerosmithacdcbonjovi Maybe she is just not that interested in toys. Have you tried scented toys? Being that she is a beagle scent might spark her interest.

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