Dog Training: Dog Tricks HOW TO teach your dog to walk on their hind legs

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

A lesson on teaching your dog to walk on their hind legs. “An Introduction to clicker training”: Video idea by Animalfanatic19:

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. jonaslove951
    | Reply

    U. R. AWESUM!

  2. Mario6298ify
    | Reply

    I SOOOOO want you to make a dog training vid. where when you put your hand into a gun shape and when you say like “BANG” the dog would play dead. But if you cant its ok its just that I think its sooo cool

  3. born2knit
    | Reply

    Zak, I really appreciate your videos. I just stumbled upon them today. I have had my puppy in obedience training since he was six months old and he’s nine months old now. I am researching various techniques, not because I don’t have a very good trainer, but I want to see if other approaches work better for me and my dog.

  4. n00bkiller247
    | Reply

    my dog can barely walk on 4 legs

  5. muzzybubbuh
    | Reply

    Love your videos! I’m still working on “Sit Pretty” or “Beg” and this video provides another level when my guy has gotten the basic down.

  6. muzzybubbuh
    | Reply

    One thing I haven’t heard you talk about (and maybe you have) is the ability of dogs to come up with their own tricks. When I was working on basic leg weaving and other freestyle footwork, MacTavish (my pup) would sneak up behind me and bow between my legs with a big goofy grin. It was wonderful, and I realized it was done with intent. All I had to do was put it on cue. He’s had it solid since… likely because he made it up!

  7. amcai2000
    | Reply

    i really want have a dog… 🙁

  8. madmanz123
    | Reply


  9. triscleeire
    | Reply

    How do you manage that the dogs you don’t work with are so calm and patient? We have 6 dogs and excitement is our biggest problem…. I don’t want them trapped in a down stay or anything but just like yours hanging around doing their own thing. GREAT!!!

  10. shannonsboy44
    | Reply

    great approach to training

  11. TessSmulanHugo
    | Reply

    could you make a video where you show how to teach the dog to put its toys in the toybasket? The first video i saw with you was when you talked about how great the dog jesse is and i woundered “whos this wierd man who seems like he knows something?” but this video was really great!

  12. brugc
    | Reply

    Great video!

  13. mythman8
    | Reply

    thanks for teaching my pet he does it all around the house

  14. ProNils
    | Reply


  15. Kookicola
    | Reply

    omg i am teaching my dog marley this trick! ;D

  16. jesselhill
    | Reply

    first time I saw your video and I like it. going to start working more with my lab.

  17. rainbaby80
    | Reply

    I really appreciate your videos. I have a goldendoodle named Maggie who really thrives on mental stimulation and these tricks are “golden”

  18. DestinyAnn1
    | Reply

    Nice videos <3

  19. lolcakesxxx
    | Reply

    minature pinchers will do this very EASY!!! just take a toy hold it up they will do it and they are easily potter trained also 🙂

  20. pirateninjakitta
    | Reply

    Thank you for the great video! My 1yo schäfer got totally into walking this 🙂

  21. razorbee89
    | Reply

    Great video! i have a new puppy poodle and am excited to teach him tricks 😀

  22. masgalos500
    | Reply

    you sucks… man

  23. YouAreRiddikulus
    | Reply

    Great video. I too have a border collie 🙂 he is beautiful and is desperate to learn more tricks! So I hope to teach him this one too! Thank you!

  24. zimago
    | Reply

    That little poodle is really funny

  25. pburgsk8rs
    | Reply

    can i get the tutorials to teach my dog to sit and begg?

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