Dog Training – 7 Tips to Stop Chewing Today

Dog Training – 7 Tips to Stop Chewing Today

By Marilyn Burnham

All puppies chew. They need to chew on something to relieve the discomfort of teething. Well-behaved adult dogs will only chew on toys or bones, but some adult dogs will revert back to this puppy behavior when they are bored or stressed. Here are three things to do to break your dog from chewing your belongings:

1. Remove the temptation. Keep your shoes, clothes or anything else that you don’t want your dog to chew off the floor. Anything on the ground is fair game as far as your puppy is concerned.

Be sure to tape all electrical, telephone and cable wiring to the wall to

keep your puppy from chewing it. You can also use pet repellent on the

wires to keep your dog away. This is a potentially deadly situation, and it

must be done to keep your pet safe.

2. Make it taste bad. One pet product, Bitter Apple, works, and so does hot pepper sauce – it just may be a little messy on your fine furniture. Any non-toxic substance that tastes bad to your dog is fair game.

3. The water treatment. Anytime you catch your puppy or dog chewing a cabinet door or your favorite pillow, say “No!” and spray him with a spray gun with a tablespoon or two of vinegar mixed in with the water. Give him a toy to chew.

4. Leave toys for your dog to play with. When you buy your pet a new toy, be sure to play with it with him the first time. Tease him with the toy, roll it on the floor, spin it around – whatever gets his attention. Don’t have tons of toys for your dog – it confuses him if he has too much to keep track of and he may inadvertently play with something not his in the confusion – like your boots. Get him used to chewing on three toys, and then you can add more.

5. The tether technique. When you are home, clip your puppy’s leash through your belt so he has to be in your sight. Every time he looks like he’s going for something inappropriate to chew, give him a toy instead.

6. Confinement. If you are away during the day, confine your dog to either his crate or a room with his toys. Never let a dog with a chewing habit roam loose in your house all day.

7. Give frozen treats. Puppies in particular like frozen treats because the cold helps to relieve their teething discomfort. You can buy some particularly formulated for pets, or just freeze some peanut butter or some soup stock in ice cube trays.

Marilyn Burnham

Author: ‘Dog Owners Boot Camp’
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Marilyn Burnham was the owner operator of 4 successful dog grooming stores in British Columbia, Canada for more than a decade. To spend more time with her children Marilyn made the decision to sell her business in the mid 90’s. Get a copy of her book: ‘Dog Owners Boot Camp’ The How To Guide, Dog Training Secrets Professional Dog Trainers Don’t Want You To Know!

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