Dog Training – 5 Ways to Stop Annoying Barking

Dog Training – 5 Ways to Stop Annoying Barking

By Marilyn Burnham

Incessant barking is not just annoying to you – it’s most likely ticking off your neighbors, too. Most cities have ordinances concerning barking dogs and will fine you if your pet can’t be controlled. Most people want their pets to bark when there is danger or an intruder, so teaching your dog never to bark is really not an option. You want to teach your pet that barking to get your attention or because he’s bored is not appropriate behavior. Dogs bark for another reason, too. When your dog sees people or animals walk by a window or a fence – they walk on by. To your dog, that is naturally defending his territory. He has “won” because the intruder is gone. Have you had a dog that goes ballistic when the postal carrier walks on the porch? If the postman stuck around, your dog wouldn’t be stuck in that pattern. Some owners try electronic “shock” collars to keep their dogs from barking, but they are often ineffective unless you engage a qualified trainer. Try working with your dog yourself before going the electronic collar route. Barking is a difficult issue, and many trainers recommend working with your pet on any other behavior issues before you get to it because it may signify a dominance problem with your dog. Here are some effective ways to cope with barking:

1. Leash training. If your dog has a problem with barking indoors, keep his training collar and leash on. Every time he barks, snap the leash to engage the collar and say, “No,” and lead him to a quiet part of the room. Do this every time he hears a bump, sees another animal or seemingly barks for no reason. If he sees or hears a person, do the same thing, but praise him five seconds later. You want your dog to bark when he sees strangers. Repeat until he understands. If your dog begins walking away on his own, lavishly praise him.

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  1. Dr Rod
    | Reply

    Toby my beagle was an excessive barker. I started him on a citronella spray anti bark collar, which initially worked great. I then started noticing that I was going through the spray quicker than usual, so I started watching him from a window…
    Toby had somehow figured out that if he barked and then stepped immediately backward, he could in fact dodge the spray. Though he did get the occasional spray, his success rate at avoiding the spray was pretty decent.
    I called Dogmaster Trainers, where I bought the spray collar from and asked them for some advice. They advised me that I was still inside my 90 Day Upgrade Warranty period. Their advise was to go into the sbc6 collar. They also gave me some great pointers on how to introduce the collar and ensure great results. The bark collar is designed for dogs to learn as they go and they respond to the warning tone, before they get to the correction levels. Toby has picked it up really quick. And I like the fact that the collar can distinguish between excessive barking and barking with purpose. If there was an intruder, a reason to bark, apparently the barking style and speed changes. The collar will shut down for a while in that situation. Really good results, can’t recommend it enough. Toby is going fantastic.

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