Dog Trainer Saves Dog with CPR

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Canyon Crest K9 Training Center owner, Ron Pace, saves the life of a boxer with CPR during a regular training session. During the session, the dog suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing. Ron immediately applied CPR. Within a few minutes, the dog regained consciousness. Once the dog was resuscitated, the owner took him to the vet. It was later found out Sugar has Cardiomyopathy. We believe it’s not just a coincidence that this dog’s name happened to be SUGAR and his life was saved. Ron Pace has dedicated himself to training diabetic alert dogs to alert their owners to dangerous blood SUGAR levels. If you are touched by this story and want to help save a human life by providing them with a trained diabetic alert dog, you can donate to a non-profit organization set up to do just that.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. RosiePosie456
    | Reply

    I love that dog trainer 🙂

  2. Ccybeles
    | Reply

    How do you know that Sugar, the boxer, died ten days later?

  3. colazilla
    | Reply

    My only question is why was that woman not in the kitchen? There ain’t no kenels in the kitchen

  4. robair9911
    | Reply


  5. stalwart911
    | Reply

    I lost my beloved 5yr old German Shepherd today. He just stretched out, took a few deep breaths and was gone. I really regret not knowing proper CPR. I tried to give him chest compressions for about a minute then gave up too soon.
    I just did whatever I have seen on TV before. Now looking at this video and other videos demonstrating CPR, I realize that my rate of delivering compressions was much slower.
    My genuine request to all dog owners, please learn proper CPR technique before its too late.

  6. ScareTax
    | Reply

    That women crying hysterically needs to SHUT UP!

  7. ferreirafsa
    | Reply

    that video is gay and tottaly nosense.

  8. Tempesta1948
    | Reply


    Te entiendo perfectamente…

  9. danichan19
    | Reply

    Her dog LITERALLY DIED in front of her! Give her a break!

  10. danichan19
    | Reply

    Her dog LITERALLY DIED in front of her! Give her a break! Show some compassion!

  11. BjD7789
    | Reply

    You’d think the first step in dog CPR would be to take the collar off…

  12. chihiroxmiyazaki
    | Reply

    @stalwart911 i’m so sorry for your loss. that must have been very hard. but you did all you could.

  13. chihiroxmiyazaki
    | Reply

    @colazilla what kind of question is that?

  14. alecbaker13
    | Reply


  15. DaanUniversal
    | Reply

    @alecbaker13 AMEN TO THAT!

  16. DaanUniversal
    | Reply

    Isn’t this video the perfect example why men rule the world?

  17. thepunisherleboss
    | Reply

    uuuu ses chaud

  18. MrB4LLS
    | Reply


  19. lowtide55
    | Reply

    That was an incredible save that dog trainer did. I have a german shepherd and his name is guinness and, while i was watching this video I couldn’t help but to tear up and hug my big boy. Im am so sorry for the loss of sugar. My heart goes out to that woman.

  20. sapzapgr
    | Reply

    @alecbaker13 its her dog you mofo, you probably dunno what is to loose a friend .Because for some people like her and me, dogs are more than pets .Its family.

  21. alecbaker13
    | Reply

    @sapzapgr i do know how it is to lose a friend but her bitching and screamin uncontrolably isnt neccecary while they are trying to revive him. my dog is also my best friend and i love him more than anything. hes like a brother to me. MOFO!

  22. chawley
    | Reply

    Fuck all of you assholes who criticize the owner for her emotional comments during the video.

  23. 3GO3US
    | Reply

    amazing video

  24. 3GO3US
    | Reply

    the sad part is the dog died 10 days later

    | Reply

    Good Job Ron!!!

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