Dog Show Extravaganza

Calling all dog lovers…this week is meant for you! Prepare snacks, drinks and treats, because you might want to lounge in front of the television with your loyal friend.

Greatest American Dog

Begin your weekend early this Thursday night by watching the premier of “Greatest American Dog” on CBS at 8 pm ET/PT. This new program is a contest among twelve participants and their dogs. Some dogs have been professionally trained, while others have been trained at home. The quality of their training will be tested during challenges, and every Thursday night a team will be eliminated and the other teams will move on to have a chance at winning $250,000. Judges include Victoria Stillwell, dog trainer from the show “It’s Me or the Dog,” Allan Reznik, Editor-at-Large of Dog World and Dog Fancy, and Wendy Diamond, Editor-in-Chief of Animal Fair. All of the participants will be living together so count on some drama.

Sit, Stay, Die

On Friday, Animal Planet has a show “Sit, Stay, Die.” If you every wanted to see a psychic dog in action, here is your chance. Skamp is a 4-year-old Schnauzer who has the ability to predict the deaths of residents living in a nursing home. The dog has done this for three years and has been completely accurate with his predictions. It’s ok to watch it as long as Skamp doesn’t try to sit by you.

Animal Planet Dog Championship 2008

A showdown for the Best in Show will take place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the “Animal Planet Dog Championship 2008.” If you are interested in getting another dog, this will give you an opportunity to see different breeds. Judges will use American Kennel Club standards to assess the dogs and determine who is the perfect dog representing its breed.

On commercials, take time to bond with your dog. Try out some tricks or training techniques you have seen. Or do a doggie makeover so your dog looks just as good as the Best in Show.

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2 Responses

  1. Jim
    | Reply

    America’s Greatest Dog was pretty good. The first episode was a little slow but not unusual for a new reality tv show. I think Ron and his skateboarding dog Tillman are pretty cool and are going to my favorites on the show.

  2. Jack
    | Reply

    There are lots of videos of Elvis and David (from Greatest American Dog) on

    Check them out by searching “Elvis” on the site!

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