Dog Potty Training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Get video training to the best dog potty training methods. Learn the best methods to dog potty training. DO you have a puppy that is in bad need of some dog potty training. Get video training right here about dog potty training. House Training a Dog: Potty Training for Puppies and Older Dogs Then repeat over and over “Go Potty” (or your own word or phrase) and stay in that spot for at least 15 minutes. Don’t allow your dog to play or get any Potty Training Dogs: How to Do It Potty Training Dogs: How to Do It, with Advice and Tips. Dog House Training the Right Way If you were hoping that a few puppy potty training tips are enough to successfully housetrain your dog, you are in for a surprise puppy potty training Real puppy potty training Solutions that Work Now.These Gentle and Effective methods make difficult puppy potty problems disappear. puppy-potty-training Dog Training Basics – Potty Training Basics Training tips and problem solving for one of the toughest training challenges – housebreaking! dogtrainingbasics Housetraining Your Dog Download the Free Report And Start Potty Training Your Dog, TODAY! We have been in the dog training business that long to know that potty training takes dogpottytrain Puppy Potty Training – 10 Sure-Fire Tips For Success Jun 17, 2008 … A few simple ideas can make a big difference to how successful your puppy potty training will be Features your dog potty must have:

What do you think?

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20 Responses

  1. appleyeoman
    | Reply

    Thank you!!!

  2. MrHairyNutz
    | Reply

    why cant the dogs pee/poo like house cats in kiddy litter box rather than taking them outside?

  3. PinkRoseAwesomemetal
    | Reply

    It would be ALOT easyer if you showed
    us the steps instead of just telling us.
    Cause I didnt get it.

  4. drewbloom34
    | Reply

    That’s funny. You call yourself a Doctor. You’re not a doctor dufus, you’re a pet trainer. Take that stethascope off cause you’re not impressing anyone with it. Obviously you couldn’t make it as a real doctor, so now you’re a pretend doctor.

  5. johncul1912
    | Reply


  6. Luke13PL
    | Reply


  7. kzetts
    | Reply

    hes a vet you fucking moron. anyone with a phd is a doctor, whether it be for internal medicine, physics, or veterinary.

  8. sxyjoker4life
    | Reply


  9. sugarpink12
    | Reply

    They can if you train them but its optional

  10. a69a59b
    | Reply

    how long does it usually take. weve been trying to teach ares for 2 weeks and it just wont go pee outside.

  11. jeganathj
    | Reply

    i want to kill my pup. it just never poops outside..

  12. Manisha106
    | Reply

    @kzetts NO U MORON, Not everyone is a doctor witha PHD. Smart one.

  13. kzetts
    | Reply

    @Manisha106 are you serious? its called a DOCTORATE for a reason.

  14. TakBonez
    | Reply

    @a69a59b U don’t need a fancy box to potty train a dog. make sure to take it outside frequently so it learns to go outside. When it does pee or poop inside Have the dog see it and tell it no! firmly. Rub its nose in it I kow this sounds mean but u don’t have to do this aggressivly jus a a quick gentle rub or two. and keep taking it outside every so often. It will eventually learn be patient

  15. a69a59b
    | Reply

    @TakBonez rub his nose in it? retard he will just be scared to go around you and by the way that was 9 months ago why would u reply to that?

  16. TakBonez
    | Reply

    @a69a59b I randomly came by the vid. and no the dog won’t be afraid of u. It works I have done it with my dogs it works.

  17. stealthstinker
    | Reply

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  18. criseldaprangehkg
    | Reply

    Get you Russian women now

  19. poohbabe111
    | Reply


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