Dog Obedience Training – Professional Or DIY?

By Rebecca Prescott

Having a new puppy as an addition to the household can be very exciting. Although it is easy to get caught up with this excitement, it is important as a responsible dog owner to ensure that your dog receives proper socialization and obedience training.

Dog’s are not humans, and whilst this statement may seem obvious, it can be surprising how much we unconsciously expect them to behave or learn as we might. No matter how much a part of the family they may seem, they communicate in a different way to humans, and this is why obedience training is so important. The right obedience training can help to make your life easier in terms of relating to your pet, and it can even help keep your dog safe when there are hazard around. A good example of this is being able to make him stop if he escapes the leash and heads for the road during his daily walk.

Getting the right obedience training

There are a number of options available when it comes to obedience training, but do bear in mind that training – particularly for the novice dog owner – may not be easy. Each dog will respond differently to obedience training methods. Some dogs tend to be very responsive to training, whereas others can be stubborn, strong willed, and determined, which can make training difficult. However, you are not alone, as there are plenty of resources and help out there.

For those that intend to undertake obedience training without going to a class, there are a number of resources available, including books, DVDs, and Internet advice. However, it is important to remember that many dogs will assume leadership unless you have the confidence and assertiveness to show him who is the boss. The way you do this is important too – it should be done using positive methods and reinforcement, and not by shouting and screaming at him, as the latter can result in fear and even aggression in your dog.

If you are not confident about taking on obedience training yourself then there is help available. Properly trained and experience trainers can prove the ideal solution for your dog’s obedience training needs, and can help to teach your dog the basic commands as well as more advanced obedience training. The older your new dog is, the more difficult the training is likely to be Thus, those with adult dogs, or a new young adult, should consider using a professional trainer.

With professional training you can select from non-residential training, which involves going with your dog and helping with in the training process with the supervision of the professionals, or a residential course. In a residential course, your dog goes to ‘boot camp’ for a specified time and receives obedience training from the experts. Many owners prefer the former method, as it enables them to get assistance with obedience training whilst still enabling them to form a close bond with their pet. Plus, it helps them learn how to handle their dogs in an environment where good feedback is possible.

Learn how to teach your dog to come. Rebecca writes on dog training and other topics here.

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