Dog Health Care : Checking for Worms & Deworming Your Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn how to check for worms in your dog and how to de-worm your dog or puppy in thisfree video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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22 Responses

  1. sp0n63808f4n
    | Reply

    thnx for the info

  2. mrswolf02
    | Reply

    yay thank you for psoting this!! this helped me in a project i made for my veterinary assistant class

  3. rammsteinfan30
    | Reply

    my new puppy had those dam worms in it.
    got medication and they all cam out except one that got away and got into her brain and she couldn’t walk or stand up.sadly she had to be put down and a $3oo dollar vet bill.
    it pisses me off.i miss my dog:(

  4. anminot
    | Reply

    my dog was just having deworming.. tsk tsk

  5. jaik0wn
    | Reply

    wow im feeling with ya but here in holland you just have to put in her or him first meal sum dewormer and bamm n o more worms for 3 € that is 5 $

  6. magiq1
    | Reply

    Thanks , well done.

  7. DJMidgeful
    | Reply

    Check out the special effects used in the recent Drontal wormer TV ad for GMTV – really cool! The making of is definitely worth a look, check it out on YouTube under Drontal behind the scenes!!

  8. D3adNgon3
    | Reply

    lady with the dog seems bored in the beginning…

  9. fisselig
    | Reply

    Tapeworm transmitted by Sneeze? Interesting….

  10. twistypink
    | Reply

    my baby puppy has round worms D: i saw it in his poop. eww i was so freaked out! WHAT DO I DO?!

  11. brightmeadow1375
    | Reply

    Tapeworm transmitted by FLEAS. Doh.

  12. flaboybates
    | Reply


  13. Mike214B
    | Reply

    my poor 9 week yr old puppy has heart worms nd i dnt know what to do, can anybody help? 🙁

  14. koolkat214
    | Reply

    get her checked by your local veterenarian

  15. laurajonas95
    | Reply

    i want a puppy they are more than £100 so i cant afford one 🙁

  16. theskyizfallin
    | Reply

    I’ve taken my pup to the vet with a stool sample and they said she has no worms, even though she wipes her ass on my rug when she’s done. My dog kisses me all the time, I’m very concerned that she maybe passing me worms.

  17. KRSchannel
    | Reply

    @Mike214B use wormwood medication from mother’s market and feed your puppy two capsules, twice a day, it’ll be fine in a week, even though my comments are too old for you.

  18. kenny1309
    | Reply


  19. lestat34208
    | Reply

    @laurajonas95 adopt one you probably can afford one that way?

  20. lestat34208
    | Reply

    @Mike214B you need to take it to a vet soon.

  21. lestat34208
    | Reply

    @twistypink vet time

  22. maharley27
    | Reply

    I just found a sweet little mini pinscher and notice that her poop had a little blood and loose stool with string like things, so i automatically thought “OH NO, she’s got PARVO”. But as i researched further, she doesn’t. She’s got parasites (which were the string like things)! Ewww! What quick remedies should i do for the time being while i found her owner or a new home????

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