Dog Grooming : Tips on Grooming Shih Tzus

Grooming Shih Tzus regularly is important, as they are quite prone to getting mats in their thick soft fur. Brush out a Shih Tzu’s coat on a daily basis, trimming the fur around their feet for easier walking, with help from a professional dog groomer in this free video on pet care. Expert: Sammi Bio: Sammi is a dog groomer at the Animal Care Center in West Bountiful, Utah. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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  1. O_O

    …Why would you tell a pet owner to use a 40…like, ever?


  2. I have been a groomer for 15 years and I agree that a number 40 blade is a surgical blade, it is very dangerous to use that blade around their eyes….I recommend a number 10 can however use a number 40 blade on the pads of the feet. Also what they are not telling you if you are not a groomer is you need multiple blades as the blades get hot during use…keep switching blades.

  3. Really a Great video on dog grooming tips and ideas go here yupurl dot com /d5a7t4

  4. I only use a 10 between the eyes, a 40 with a wiggly dog is a disaster waiting to happen. I’ll use a 15 on the pads. I can get closer with a 15 then a girl I work with who uses a 30. I don’t think I’d ever use a 40 except under a snap on comb and even then if my 30 or 9 is busted.

  5. Joanie Thorne says:

    WAIT A MINUTE!!! I thought shih tzu had long hair :( this is depressing

  6. TheCinderella29 says:

    @eHow…. The proper pronunciation is “Shih Tzu.” As in Sheed Zoo and not Shit zoos… There is no “s” sound at the end ever. Shih Tzu is singular and plural …. It is “Shih Tzu” if your are speaking of one or more Shih Tzu.

  7. This lady really likes the 40 blade which is a surgical blade…tsk tsk tsk

  8. MysteriousWhiteWolf1 says:

    do ALL shih tzus get long fur when they get older? will it grow long overtime? i want a long haired shih tzu

  9. NatashaRoseLove says:

    I’m only a grooming asistant right now, but I havent seen and of the groomers I work with use a 40. Isnt that a surgical blade? They always use a 10.

  10. both look cute.. n thnks fr the tips too…

  11. fairmaiden83 says:

    Shih tzus are the best breed! I have 3 and enjoy them. Thanks for the tips:)

  12. It wouldn’t hurt any to use a CLEAN dog to do your demo on.

  13. TheJuniors95 says:

    can I become a groomer just by experience or is it compulsary to take a course???

  14. Bulletwings21 says:

    @xisstats I just don’t think it’s a good idea to tell ppl who want to groom there pets at home to use a 40. There less likely to razor burn there pets if they just stick to a 10 :).. As a professional I have no problems with using a 40 but this video is directed for pet owners..

  15. Uhh, I use a 40 for pads all time, not so much for the face, but when it comes to a flat faced dog, I’ll use a 40 on the face.

  16. TheRedLoneWolf says:

    oh so now you use the proper breed?

  17. Well you must keep in mind.. for her its either this or porn.

  18. BrazilianRockStar says:

    Hey um, i got a female Shih Tzu yesterday and shes 9 weeks old. I’ve noticed that when she walks, she dosn’t walk as straight as i seen other dogs walk. She walks a bit side ways and then she shifts position. I was wondering if thats normal because this is my first pet ever, and yeah im kinda paranoid lol. Thanx!

  19. …..Or you can use thinning shears on the face….

  20. The correct pronunciation is Shee-zoo. Not Shit-zoo.

  21. Please check how you pronounce the name of this breed, really the T is silent. Just for the record dogs donot have arm pits- they have 4 legs!

  22. zanderesqueda says:

    ya dont cut their eye because there sensitive

  23. Very nice! TY.

  24. Kudos to handling that matted shih tzu! :)

  25. Thanks for giving the blade # for between the eyes. I groom mine myself and always attempt in between the eyes with a blunt scissors, but I am always afraid they will jerk and get poked.

  26. sasuketwatwa says:

    Recently I’ve been getting a lot of people coming to me with there Shih Tzus that are completely matted and bad coat condition. One time it took me 5 hours to groom one dog that was so matted and smelly it looked like he had never been groomed or bathed in his life! I made him look fabulous of course :)

  27. MeerkatChinchilla says:

    cool =)

  28. dog boarding says:

    I have been a grooming dogs for the past 15 years. Thanks for sharing the useful information. You can use a 40 for pads all time for dog boarding and grooming purposes. The dogs can be taken care of by following similar procedures.

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