Dog Food: Even Fido's Gotta Eat

Dog Food: Even Fido’s Gotta Eat

By Allen Shaw

You’ve brought home your new best friend. You’ve read all the books. You’ve purchased all the latest gadgets. He has more toys than you ever had as a child. And you’ve made the appointment with the vet to get Fido his first set of shots. You’re done…right? WRONG! Your new pup still hasn’t eaten yet. So what do you feed him? Dry dog food, can dog food or people food…what’s the best choice? Well, all have their pros and cons. But some dogs are very finicky. So just know that if he gets used to a certain kind of food, he may never want to switch. So choose carefully.

When you go to pet store to buy food there are a few things you should look for. First, whatever type of food you decide to feed your dog, know what’s in the bag. What does this mean…read the ingredients! The first three ingredients listed on a bag of dog food makes up about 80% of what’s actually in the bag. If beef, chicken or liver aren’t listed until Ingredient seven or eight, how much beef, chicken or liver do you think your dog is actually ingesting? I’ll tell you…not much.

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