Dog Fleas

Dog Fleas

By Elizabeth Morgan

Dog fleas are quite similar to cat fleas, both in appearance and behavior, and just like cat fleas, dog fleas can also breed in both cats and dogs. Both species are so similar biologically, that for practical purpose they are usually defined and talked about under the same heading. Dog and cat fleas are the most common species of fleas found in and around homes. Most of the time, pets like cats and dogs are infested with fleas without their human owners knowing about it. But if there are large numbers of fleas on the pets, humans can’t help but notice, and often suffer the affliction along with their pets!

The female flea is generally 2.5 mm long, with the male flea being slightly smaller. The combs of a dog flea consist of 8 pairs of spines. The larvae of a dog flea is double the length of the adult and it generally feeds on particles of dry blood, excrement, and various organic substances collected in corners of infested premises. The infestation of the dog fleas can be easily identified in the sleeping quarters of the cats and dogs, by the presence of a salt-and-pepper like substance formed of the grayish larvae and white eggs of these fleas. These fleas also feed off many other animals, apart from cats, dogs and humans.

In order to prevent dog fleas from infesting on your pets or in your premises, you have to be careful to maintain the cleanliness of your pets and premises. This can be achieved by regularly using pest control, shampooing the pets, and vacuuming the house thoroughly.

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