Dog Behavior & Training : Crying Puppy Tips

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Dealing with a crying puppy can be exhausting, but making sure the crate is comfortable, keeping her in a dark environment and even adding your own dirty clothes into the crate are the best steps to relax an anxious puppy. Avoid pampering a puppy who is crying with great tips from a certified dog trainer and behavioral counselor in this free video on pet care. Expert: Teena Patel Contact: Bio: Teena Patel is the founder and CEO of the University of Doglando in Orlando, Fla. Filmmaker: Suzie Vigon

What do you think?

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7 Responses

  1. playboy198900
    | Reply

    good tips unfortunately their are those idiot dogs that just do not shut up no matter what; its usually those schnauzer or small poodles,you just want to grab them and violently squeeze as hard as you can after that gut it,fillet it,store with salt, then do what ever you want with them.

  2. AgGiexxFaN12
    | Reply

    Why would you not comfort them when they cry???

  3. cherry1o8
    | Reply

    @AgGiexxFaN12 because they think crying is okay then like when a spoiled little kid cry don’t give them want because they think its okay

  4. fmusikalia
    | Reply

    they are like children. if you dont teach them since the beginning that they cannot have what they want they will not grow spoiled. you need to show that you are the Leader of the pack..

  5. HunterGreer
    | Reply

    haha, oops. when i come home from work my puppy is in her crate, crying so loud it sounds like someone is beating her – kind of as a joke i always drop dramatically to my knees, open the crate, and proceed to coddle the hell out of her – “aww,. you poor thing! i know, i know! poor baby!”

    maybe i shouldn’t do that anymore 😛

  6. minnimaster2010
    | Reply

    @HunterGreer U PUT A DAWG IN A CRATE!

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