Dog Agility Training Tips – The Bang Game

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description http This is a game to play with your dog when training the teeter for agility. It will get the dog used to the noise that the teeter makes when it hits the ground after the dog is running off to his next piece of equipment. This game can also build value for the teeter and make it a fun thing instead of a scary thing. Once the dog gets this game and realizes that the fun is the noise then it makes the teeter that much more reinforcing for the dog. Plus, a lot of ball tossing, food, or reinforcement happens here and that helps make it a stronger behavior. Happy Training! Pam & Bandit

What do you think?

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28 Responses

  1. Mashie666
    | Reply

    love it.

  2. elisahafdis
    | Reply

    5* for excillent job 🙂 makes so much sence , like everything you have said in you videos 😀

  3. BCjility22
    | Reply

    I love this game! I used it a few months ago when i took an agility class. Now i just need a teeter at my house so i could actually do it again! Great video!

  4. pamelamarxsen
    | Reply

    Thank you! I do not have a teeter either. I pay to belong to this facility that has the equipment. Have a great THANKSGIVING!

  5. pamelamarxsen
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for your KIND words! I am happy that you liked it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  6. pamelamarxsen
    | Reply


  7. pamelamarxsen
    | Reply

    Bandit just loves it! I had to do it because one time he popped out of his weave when he heard the teeter crash down. It has saved us!

  8. pamelamarxsen
    | Reply

    I bet it is hard for a small chihuahua ti get the teeter to move, since they do not weigh much. I bet she is so cute on it!

  9. hunkymonkeykaine
    | Reply

    5* and a fav! What an awesome game! I will try this with my sister’s mini teeter and Kaine:).

  10. pamelamarxsen
    | Reply

    Have fun with the game! The dogs usually like it and really like the teeter because of the high rate of reinforcement for the game.

  11. NatashaHope17
    | Reply

    Great video, thanks. 🙂 5*

    – Amanda & Tasha

  12. ZandersStory
    | Reply

    What a great game to desensitize the dog to that loud noise! Bandit does wonderfully coming off of the teeter!

  13. pamelamarxsen
    | Reply

    Thank you for such a nice comment! Bandit does love the teeter and is not afraid of the noise, so next we will be working on his speed. I know that a lot of trainers like the speed first, but I always thing safety first. Bandit broke his tibia playing tug in our kitchen and I am a stickler on safety now. 🙂 Thanks again for the really sweet comment!

  14. pamelamarxsen
    | Reply

    Thank you!

  15. ZandersStory
    | Reply

    You’re very welcome! I totally agree, you never know when an accident can happen.. There’s no harm in taking precautions! Take care. 🙂

  16. kikopup
    | Reply

    Great Pam! Had to fav it. WIth your new equipment , your vids look 100% better 🙂


  17. pamelamarxsen
    | Reply

    THANKS!!! Now all I need is a microphone so that people do not have to read all my steps! Thank you so much for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me! You are an awesome friend!

  18. bordergirlsmom
    | Reply

    I LOVE this game and so do my dogs, terrific video

  19. DogsAreMyBestFriends
    | Reply

    Awesome video! Very very well made & explained! 5*s !

  20. ponyluv617
    | Reply

    thanks so much! i’m trying to train my blue heeler collie X but i’m afraid he’d get upset about that sound. then again, his name is Crash. yeah, i’m serious

  21. ponyluv617
    | Reply

    @pamelamarxsen i totally agree with you. my dog tries to rush through everything anyway, so no use encourging him MORE.

  22. samh09
    | Reply

    That was awesome. Thanks for posting this video and taping the video in High Quality. Great job.

  23. rombelinski
    | Reply

    I tried agility out last weekend for the first time with my collie and we both loved it – the hardest thing was the seesaw so this was a great idea which I’ll try next week -thanks!

  24. pamelamarxsen
    | Reply

    @rombelinski The bang game is just a fun game to teach the dog that the noise the teeter makes is a good rewarding noise. 🙂

  25. holisticpetservice
    | Reply

    Nice work go go go!

  26. Sally
    | Reply

    Can’t wait to try this! There’s always a little apprehension with my pup when going on the teeter.

  27. dog training tips
    | Reply

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