Dog Aggression Training

Dog Aggression Training

by Russ Richer

Dog Aggression Training

Why do so many dogs get euthanized when there owners could have taught them not to bite?

When it comes to dog aggressiveness, there are laws that state the dog’s owner can be charged and the dog put down if the dog bites someone. Of course, with some serious dog training, dogs can be taught to enjoy people and not be aggressive.

There are a number of reasons why dogs become aggressive. The dog may feel his territory is being compromised, or he feels threatened. A lot of dog aggression comes from lack of confidence and insecurity. Simple dog obedience training will not solve your dog’s aggressive problems, only some serious dog training will do the trick. Dog aggressiveness doesn’t just mean biting; it means barking and lunging at people as well. This type of behaviour needs to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent anything serious from happening to a person, child or another dog.

Aggressive behavior will not go away without proper corrective action from the owner and will not get better as the dog ages. The biggest mistake that owners make is to excuse away aggressive behavior for their dog or puppy, and hope that the behavior is outgrown. The behavior only worsens with age.

A responsible dog owner will not tolerate aggressive behavior from a puppy or an adult dog. A well socialized, bred and adjusted puppy or dog will feel no need to act aggressively. A dog that acts this way demonstrates that there is a problem with the dog’s relationship to humans. Often it is a case where the dog has been taught (from puppyhood) to act inappropriately in given situations. Or the dog decides that aggressive behavior is needed, when it is not.

Dog attacks result due to the lack of proper and positive training. Some dog owners employ fear inducing and painful training techniques. Your dog will see this as life threatening and resort to aggressive actions in order to protect herself. Others will bite out of fun and when they are over excited. Both cases are mostly as a result of lack of positive training. So if you don’t properly socialize your dog with people or other dogs, expect bites any time.

Most obedience and training schools won’t take aggressive dogs as most of the places run classes with other members and won’t let them be endangered. If you want more information about aggressive dog training, visit our website by following the link below.

As a dog owner, it is very important that you socialize your dog. Socializing your dog helps boost it’s confidence and reduces your dog’s fear and nervousness in normal circumstances. When you are introducing new things to your dog, make sure that you have him firmly under control. Introduce your pup to different people, dogs, children and environments. Give lots of praise and treats to reward proper behavior. Dog’s are pack animals and view your family as his pack. (Note: your dog must be the on the lowest rung of the pack hierarchy. All humans in the family must be deemed by your dog as his superiors). If the dog is not properly socialized with different people, she begins to view all people that are outside of the “pack”, with distrust. You may believe your dog is friendly by observing him with your family. Your mailman may have a totally different view on your dog’s demeanor. :o) So get your dog out and about.

At the end of the day what counts is that your dog stops attacking and he starts loving. An aggressive dog can halter the relationship that you have with him therefore you and your dog aren’t having the best time together as you are always worried about him biting you, other people or other dogs. I recommend that you do what it takes to get the problem sorted!


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