Does your dog really recognize it's name?

Does your dog recognize it's name?

I was doggie walking this morning, as were many other dog owners. It was an amazingly beautiful morning. As I was walking and doggie watching, I remembered this T.V. Program I watched once, about a dog trainer who went to someone’s home to
solve an obedience problem.

Mr. Trainer and Mr. Owner went with the dog for a walk to observe the problem first hand; And, about 5 minutes after his observation Mr. Trainer already came to a conclusion.

The Problem?

The dog did not know it’s own name. Now, I thought right away “NO WAY”. How can a dog NOT know it’s own name?

I tested this theory on my neighbours and their dogs. And sure enough, most of the dogs actually did not know their names.

When an order was given, like, let’s say “Ben, Sit” ; then Ben did sit. BUT, when an order was given of only “Ben”, then, Ben did not respond! Ben knew the commands, but, without any commands, he did not know his name.

So, sometimes, when we call our dog by name only, without a known command, we think the dog is disobedient, not so, our dog does not recognize it’s name when spoken without other commands.

So, the trainer told the owner to call the dog by name, get his attention somehow to make him look, and at that point, give a cookie.

Well, after a week of doing this, the dog knew it’s name, and started looking and paying attention even without cookies.

Disobedient dog? NOPE, just not trained properly. Hmm, we all fall into this category at times dont’t we.

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