“Do I have to use a clicker to train my ferret?”

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22 Responses

  1. Angela Walters
    | Reply

    where can i get a clicker

  2. Chibi Sketchbook
    | Reply

    Can you buy a ferret cage at Pet Smart?

  3. Ivan Braginsiki
    | Reply

    what if my cat and my almost gonna be mine ferret dont get along what would
    i do?

  4. Brandon Martin
    | Reply

    what should i do if my ferret dosent get along with my cat

  5. Marie Carpentier
    | Reply

    where can i get a clicker? does it work for babies too? what if the ferret
    does not respond to the clicker?

  6. Mao Sor Jai
    | Reply

    hello .. I’m from Hong Kong:) Joey is talented! i have heard that we should
    feed them snacks when we’re teaching the tricks, however, Mossie is now a
    baby, I should not feed her snacks yet, what should i replace with the

  7. Russell Tevelson
    | Reply

    u klicked give him a treat

  8. ruksha14
    | Reply

    pandora wont stop biting and i have tried her and masquerade on your biting
    method and its not working. what should i do?

  9. Emilee Schornack
    | Reply

    where can i buy a clicker

  10. Spoon Blender
    | Reply

    When my budgie sees the treat, he does a huuuuge trick exibithion doing
    everything he knows, without waiting my command.. lol

  11. Spoon Blender
    | Reply

    Eddie is a great name, do you know Eddie the head? xD

  12. Jordana Howell
    | Reply

    Please make a video on what you would recommend on feeding ferrets, and if
    meat is incorporated could you explain how to transition a ferret from
    ferret food to meat?

  13. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    I think the biggest thing to remember is that they are only 12-13 weeks
    old. Joey didn’t start learned tricks aside from using the litter box and
    not biting until he was 6 months! Just be patient and consistent with them.
    That is the key.

  14. ruksha14
    | Reply

    hello courtney i watch your ferret videos all the time and i love joey. i
    got three ferrets, 1 male names silver (he is a silver mit) and his
    siblings Masquerade (black foot female) and pandora (silver masked female)
    they are only 12-13 weeks and silver has learned Spin and up (stand) i am
    having trouble teaching him roll over but he isnt the problem i am having
    extreme difficulties training the females, they wont listen not want to do
    anything other than play or just be nasty. (continued)

  15. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    You’re welcome! I appreciate the compliment! Congrats on your first ferret!

  16. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Most pet stores have them in the dog section. They are most commonly used
    for dog training.

  17. Will Kuhns
    | Reply

    Hi Courtney! I’ve been watching your videos a lot in the last week as I
    gear up for purchasing my first ferret! I’m really excited to try a lot of
    the training techniques you use (and make good use of that ferretone!). I
    kind of hope I can do some kind of video updates like you do, but really
    just to document how my ferret grows. Thanks for making these, they’re
    extremely helpful!

  18. ruksha14
    | Reply

    oh ok, well im new to owning ferrets and training so i dont actually know
    what age is best to start training, obviously joey started at 6 months but
    what is the actuall age a ferret is more interested in learning?

  19. Mary Ellen Byrne
    | Reply

    Did you see how every muscle in Joey just went on red alert when he heard
    that first click?

  20. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    I would say starting between 6 months and a year is a good time. Any
    younger than that is really hard to do in my opinion.

  21. Sara Joy
    | Reply

    In a year I am hopefully getting a ferret so I am watching as many ferret.
    Videos possible

  22. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

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