dispelling myths on dog training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Dispelling the myth that a dog trained without the use of physical and psychological intimidation won’t listen if he is chasing prey. What is not shown in this video is that Splash only chases prey on cue, she never does it without being cued- as I have put chasing prey under stimulus control. All my dogs are only trained using Progressive Reinforcement Training.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. AdimusDogServices
    | Reply

    ah I clicked dislike by accident! how do I change it?

  2. epodcentral
    | Reply

    @AdimusDogServices just click on like and the dislike will go away 🙂

  3. petloverUK
    | Reply

    Yay! Splash is brilliant as always.

  4. cosmomatic100
    | Reply

    My dogs prey drive is to high for him to come back but he will come when called when he is done ;-}

  5. isdykusii
    | Reply

    Woho! I love you! and i can’t whait untill I’ll meet you in Sweden! 😀 woho!

  6. JiveDadson
    | Reply

    How did you train Splash not to chase prey except on cue? My dogs were absolute terrors around other animals, either prey or other dogs, when I rescued them. They now behave pretty well when they are on-leash. But a couple of days ago I accidentally let go of their leashes when I was tending to a poop event, and both of them tore out after a cat.

  7. MsBorderCollieLover
    | Reply

    Love it great work!

  8. Khanalee
    | Reply

    I can see with a working breed like this (my BC/Blue Heeler cross was very obedient), but what about sight hounds?

  9. Stefannn87
    | Reply

    This is really unbelievable, you and your dogs are on a level what is nearly insane 🙂 In germany I would say, da wird der Hund in der Pfanne verrueckt!
    I think its all about the relationship, after that there is the training, right?

  10. Dalmatianlovergirl84
    | Reply

    would love to see this done with a more distracted dog like a springer spanial or dalmatian.

  11. VTECsqznN2O
    | Reply

    yep 🙂 I’ve gotten the results by putting it on cue 🙂 like a charm 🙂

    …shame is, no matter how many videos you post of this, som’ naysayer will be like “well not with X breed, or X prey” and you’ll be stuck making videos forever :p

  12. braeraphael
    | Reply

    Love this! great music too. No doubt what breed/type of dog it just shows that the dog is choosing to listen to her owner and not the prey. And if you don’t think BC don’t have a high high pray drive, then do your homework. Look up Leslie Nelson if you want that reliable recall for any breed of dog. She also explain how using positive reinforcement will establish the best relationship with your dog and teaching your dog choosing you over anything else. WORD KIKOPUP!

  13. andyinglorian
    | Reply

    Awesome 🙂 I love all of your videos Kiko, I wish you had an Animal Planet show instead of Zak George or Cesar Millan, grr

  14. RavenBlaze
    | Reply

    I just love these video’s and your stratagie of “positive reinforcement will make the dog want to behave the way you want it to behave”

  15. loverats
    | Reply

    That’s really good! Our dog chases birds and sometimes we can stop him by blowing a whistle and throwing his favourite toy instead. Sometimes though, the birds are even more exciting than his toy and we can’t stop him running off after them. He is a Lab cross Collie and has the Collie obsession with chasing things.

  16. goharosen
    | Reply

    Hi Emily. Could you do tutorial for owners of long hair dogs about how to get them used to grooming especially blow drying and clipping. That would be live saver. Thanks!

  17. LittleMsIvy
    | Reply

    Sounds awesome! 😀

  18. AdimusDogServices
    | Reply

    @epodcentral thank you 😀

  19. ProphetGuardian
    | Reply

    @xkoonzix Though I’m not Kikopup. The first command you should teach is “Sit” and “Leave It”. Sit because it can also double as a means of getting the dog to stop running ahead or walking away. Leave it because when walking a puppy they will often grab any and everything around them. This will allow you to take away bad stuff he/she shouldn’t have.

  20. stacythetrainer
    | Reply

    It’s all about relationship and excellent recall! 🙂 I have an Aussie/BC cross and I can call him off of a squirrel as he’s madly barking and boucing at it while it taunts him in the tree. Training does not have to be harsh, you just need the right mental tools!!!

  21. Miatia123
    | Reply

    Yes please put the tutorial up asap as my jack Russell have a thing for cats and nearly got run over today, she knows recall but all goes out the window when she sees a cat and there is this one cat that’s quite aggressive and once the cat scratched her on the nose and she still chases them pls pls pls help before she gets hurt thanks xxx

  22. delilah443
    | Reply


    I’m looking forward to watching Zak George’s new TV show….. I think a Kiko TV show would be great! 🙂

  23. mieke337
    | Reply

    also can’t wait for this tutorial!

  24. depewny
    | Reply

    for some reason we are no longer getting our subscription to your videos.

  25. allmeansall
    | Reply

    Thank you for this short clip Emily. I have been having a “debate” online about this, and I am so glad someone is videoing it! The arguments for force and punishment are about driving me crazy. I need to lurk and not get involved because the mo9re I say, the more those trainers defend their pop and shock methods. It’s so frustrating!

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