dillan funny pet armadillo playing

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Dillan the armadillo playing. She is a joy in our lives. I do NOT recomend exotic pets to unexperienced owners. Local and State laws need to be researched as well as an animal’s needs and behaviors.

What do you think?

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6 Responses

  1. equinevetmed
    | Reply

    she really enjoys smelling shoes

  2. equinevetmed
    | Reply

    armadillos are insectivores. They also reproduce by naturally cloning the oocyte; dividing it into quintuplets producing all litter of 4 that are one sex and genotype. They also can delay implantation of the oocyte into the uterus; thus delaying pregnancy when stressed. They are related to anteaters and aardvarks and are the only mammal to naturally clone!

  3. combot29
    | Reply

    does the cat hurt

  4. equinevetmed
    | Reply

    no but dillan can hurt the cat while the cat is only playing and being nice; armadillos are solitary animals and don’t really care about having friends.

  5. TheJDC1989
    | Reply

    It is relatively easy to find info on armadillos in terms of diet and health care however there is barely any info on how they are as pets. Can you give me some info on house training, attention requirements (affection/interaction), problems and relationships with other animals, noise levels, property destruction, any other info that you think it would be important to know.

  6. Eximity
    | Reply

    You’re mistaken, their closest relatives are anteaters and sloths, not aardvarks. They were at one time thought to be related, and they are very similar to aardvarks but it is due to convergent evolution.

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