CuteWinFail, Ep. 34: Puppy Statue

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

A teen tries to walk on water, a fake dog statue freaks out two real pups, a zipline butt brawl and more. Check it out. For more CuteWinFail clips subscribe here The real thing: Music by Malte Hagemeister and Urban Delights

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Zdude73
    | Reply

    0:32 Winks. ;D

  2. MW2DaHm
    | Reply

    press 7 for angry butt sex sounds

  3. woodcaca
    | Reply


  4. Darkclaw51
    | Reply

    press 1 for toby the otter

  5. Darkclaw51
    | Reply

    press 7 for constipation

  6. WeChallenge
    | Reply

    repeatedly tapping 7 is hilarious! thanks for the laugh whoever figured that out

  7. TheDanidox
    | Reply

    Why does his dog imitation sound like a very bad black guy imitation ?

  8. mackennamackenna
    | Reply

    Pause and press 1. Lawl.

  9. JournalManTV
    | Reply

    Toby do you blink?

  10. beefjerky52
    | Reply

    “flying butt attack fail” lollololololol

  11. CODjizz
    | Reply

    fail wins

  12. abhishekkusnoor
    | Reply


  13. customcartoons
    | Reply

    if the internet has taught me anything, it’s DON’T waste money on a trampoline! O_o

  14. toboozy
    | Reply

    press and hold 7 for constapation!!!

  15. memoriesremain2010
    | Reply

    He’s cute.

  16. BlueWaterNymph
    | Reply

    @toboozy Press 1 to turn him into a seal!

  17. BlueWaterNymph
    | Reply

    Find the buttons to make him say ‘With bonus AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!’

  18. piperex10
    | Reply

    every body pause on this time 0.11

  19. Porturan
    | Reply

    Best CWF episode ever!

  20. MissMeggieJ
    | Reply

    Hold down 1…. not even gonna say it xD

  21. ImovarNinethouzand
    | Reply

    1:40 HADUKEN!

  22. Kiranthevideogameguy
    | Reply

    This was very funny

  23. NinjaWieldingLimes
    | Reply

    1:19 – 1:21 = hilarity

  24. kazetehskylord
    | Reply

    Press 7

  25. xZaaap
    | Reply

    keep on pressing 1 for ANGRY TOBY!!!!

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