CuteWinFail, Ep. 33: Puppy vs. Turtle

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

When praying mantis attack! Plus, a son pranks his dad and a dog tramps a turtle on the trampoline. See it. For more CuteWinFail clips subscribe here Are we the tortoise or the hair?: Music by Malte Hagemeister and Urban Delights

What do you think?

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  1. MrsPoint54321 says:

    oida ua gemein… xD lol mich versteht da wsl eh keina xDD

  2. 1:50 “WAA!! EARTHQUAKE!!” xDDDD

  3. mlb200327 says:

    i love the dog / turtle thing

  4. mlb200327 says:

    i love the dog / turtle thing mbentley

  5. Alexgireis says:

    Press 2 to see Toby SNEEZE! BLESS YOUR FACE! ^^,

  6. digdig66 says:

    preying manti are the weirdest looking things

  7. WeirdBoySkuzag says:

    “Happy one week!”
    “^#*{ off, I’m sleeping.”

  8. noeggfotyou says:

    The turtle will always win.

  9. foofiecomics says:


  10. Cheezburger100 says:

    Ah! its in my hair!!

  11. jakiewriteslikewhoa says:

    praying mantises are so creepy.

  12. craaazyish says:

    1:19 – 0:21 best part

  13. craaazyish says:

    the second vid would be awesome in slo mo

  14. XxSugarxPrincessxX94 says:

    Turtle dog video :3

  15. youngestfalconer says:

    I have a praying mantis

  16. Laurathegingerninja says:

    FAIL! :D

  17. D34DBODYM4N says:

    video at end
    mom: “happy 1 week oohhh”
    baby: fuck you im trying to sleep

  18. TheShadictheHedgehog says:


  19. fluffyratgirl says:


  20. billygoatsheep says:

    That babies mexican

  21. saraaahhh626 says:

    I don’t blame the baby for flipping his mom off she won’t let him sleep!

  22. Thecampingcrew3 says:

    turtle says”whoa earthquake!!!!!!!!!” lol lol lol :)

  23. VideoFanatic461 says:

    He has perfect teeth no homo

  24. sunshine13324 says:

    Fancy lad :D

  25. SuperMalik1234567890 says:

    Baby at the end: Fuck off, im trying to sleep

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