Cute dog guilty face – Cafetime-cz

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description – more funny videos No reason to deny it. Guilty dog show his true face. We love dogs…

What do you think?

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27 Responses

  1. WhitePawPuppy
    | Reply

    @zAnnekz 私はこれほど愛らしいです知っている!

  2. zman14111
    | Reply

    the dog on the carpit is like uhhh i did not do that and the dog in the wight is like oh shit hes knows lol so cute ….. i love your white dog lol

  3. JinNOSify
    | Reply


    Dog: “Har, har, har… funny”

  4. MagdaandAnna
    | Reply


  5. MagdaandAnna
    | Reply


  6. paulalexander2010
    | Reply

    You should get yourself on Dogpawfile they would love you there!

  7. Geddy135
    | Reply

    this is so cute it almost made me tear up

  8. ks19220124
    | Reply

    This second dog can’t tell a lie 😀

  9. smilewithlaughter1
    | Reply


  10. jinyi12
    | Reply

    I love this vedio

  11. ChristiCook0
    | Reply

    hes cryin..poor thang. to cute

  12. CookiCrisp81
    | Reply

    Awww that dog is so cute I feel sorry for him

  13. narpokxd
    | Reply

    that is so cute!! hes crying! i just wanna jump in and hug the little doggy!!!

  14. Ironbat147
    | Reply

    awww the doggy crying

  15. ThePawPadz
    | Reply

    Ive seen this video like 100 times but it NEVER gets old! SOOOO CUTE!!!

  16. ThePawPadz
    | Reply

    If I were Denver i would have TOTALLY denied it! :p

  17. johnshepardable
    | Reply

    i see a pissed dog lol

  18. tiffuhny
    | Reply

    this music makes this whole thing so much more intense haha

  19. JKASstudio
    | Reply


  20. parachamnan
    | Reply

    At 1:53 He actually understands an order. Super super cute dog!

  21. roggy12345
    | Reply

    dog looks stoned

  22. sirelkippochalcedony
    | Reply

    13 people seem to actually be cats

  23. BritishWarLord
    | Reply

    Why you so horrible to your dog for …… Dogs rule cats are fuckers

  24. miadono123456789
    | Reply

    The music makes it so much sadder and intense.
    But I love Denvors face. So cute!!!

  25. DeepestSleep
    | Reply

    What song is this!?

  26. kay
    | Reply

    Hahahaha, cute… Love the dogs and was really laughing out loud with those dogs.

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